Jimmy Kimmel – Kids Gay Marriage Video. FAIL.

Jimmy Kimmel is a very popular late night talk show in the USA.    He is very well liked and is viewed mostly as a non-polarizing and non-partisan comedic interviewer.   In other words,  he doesn’t offend too many people in a country where everyone seems to get outrageously touchy over the simplest of things.

Recently, however, Jimmy Kimmel’s staff of writers  — which includes Jimmy himself — may have pushed the envelope a bit too far.

If you didn’t already know, the Unites States Supreme Court voted to make same sex marriage legal in all the fifty states that make up the USA.

Prior to this landmark decision, the laws for or against same sex marriage were implemented by each individual state.  In some States same sex marriage was legal while in others it was not.  This Supreme Court ruling put an end to all that nitpicking,  and now there is no more debating the issue.   If you live in the USA — even if it’s in a cardboard box — you can now marry a person of the same sex.  End of story.

Apparently, because of the groundswell of happiness from those in the USA who support same sex marriage, Jimmy Kimmel and his gang thought it would be cute to go out onto the streets of Los Angeles  – in this case Hollywood Blvd — and ask passing children some questions about gay marriage.  It was rather funny, but let’s just say that Art Linkletter wouldn’t have done it…even in 2015.

Art Linkletter was an American TV host and raconteur who gained international fame with his  TV show – “KIDS SAY THE DARNDEST THINGS.”

On his program, Linkletter used to ask young kids all kinds of questions about life, romance, school, marriage, pets and just about everything you could think of within the boundaries of what was considered at the time to be in good taste.

Over the years, interviewing thousands of children, Art Linkletter accumulated some hilarious answers from his juvenile panel.    Very rarely,  a child would say something that may have had a slightly sexual or naughty overtone,  and the audience would giggle politely.

This is a typical example:  ART LINKLETTER:  “Can you tell me something you don’t like about going out to a restaurant?”  CHILD #1:  I hate to get all dressed up because my collar itches me.   CHILD #2:  “I don’t like when we have to leave before dessert comes because my mommy gets mad at my daddy for looking at the pretty waitresses.”

This is about as blue as it got on Art’s show because these were children, and by today’s standards, it’s harmless stuff.   Art would simply raise a suggestive eyebrow and continue on to the next child.

Kimmel’s crew did something very similar this week, and the video snippet of it has gone viral on Facebook — the homeland of the Facebook Simpletons –  a distinct ethnic group of people who live only to look at pictures of kittens, send prayers to the sick,  and to pick politically moronic fights with other Facebook Simpletons.

Jimmy Kimmel set up a camera on Hollywood Blvd and asked passing kids questions about “gay marriage” in various the ways of — what does it mean?  What do you think of it?    What do you think?

The answers were quite humorous because kids truly do say the darndest things, but there was something creepy about the whole thing.

If you were to put on a trench coat and go into a schoolyard and ask these children questions about same sex marriage and gay marriage — or however you want to phrase it — you could get into some pretty big trouble.  Of course these children had their parents permission to answer the Kimmel camera, but did that make it right?

When you ask a child about “gay” or “straight” marriage, there is an element of sexuality brought into the picture…isn’t there?

Should children be asked questions of that nature and then have their words and images thrown out all over  the internet for the whole world to see just because some parents or TV producers are hoping that their kid will be the next YouTube sensation?

I don’t know, but there was something weird about it.  It sounded creepy.

I support same sex marriage 100%, but what’s the deal about asking CHILDREN for their opinions?

Sure, you get a laugh, but where do you draw the line between good taste and tackiness or criminality?  Like I said, if you ask kids the same questions in a street corner without the glitz and glamour of the Jimmy Kimmel show, wouldn’t your ass get hauled into jail?

Here’s another thing.  What if a religious TV station were to do the same thing?  What if some Bible study group asked passing kids — with their parents permission — what they didn’t like about gay marriage?  What would happen?   Wouldn’t they be called religious zealots and pedophiles?  Of course they would.  There would be a line of people leading up to the Los Angeles County Courthouse waiting to press criminal charges against the religious TV show.  Then the sponsors would all drop out and the whole thing would go out of business.  That’s how they mark PROGRESS in the USA.

Do you think I am overstating this?  I don’t.  I think you shouldn’t go around entertaining people by asking children questions that can in any way be viewed as lurid or sexual in origin.

My haters will say that I am against love and against equality — the usual angry sh*t — but I am all about love and equality, but only when it’s put forth with sincerity and no child is exploited for the sake of a buck and the whims of pushy stage parents.

Hey — if you want really funny answers about touchy and sensational stuff – go ask old people in a nursing home.  You’ll get funnier and more diverse answers — and you will eliminate the creepy factor.

I think this was a FAIL on the part of Jimmy Kimmel Live show.  Also, you will kindly note that the ET video I attached to this article is very carefully edited from the actual video which you can find anywhere.  How many feet of video did they need to get these funny answers?   What kinds of questions did they really ask?

Anyway — it’s easy to comment on The Damien Zone — I don’t check anything — except for viruses.  There is no hassle to comment – no email verification — but I have to see your comment to approve it.  I will approve it almost always — even if you hate me to pieces and say the most vile things..  Rest assured — if you comment – it will appear — just keep checking.  I try to approve all comments within 4 hours.   Sometimes I see it instantly.

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