Dave Muscato the Atheist Prick is getting cut off.


Dave Muscato the Atheist Prick is now an atheist C****

[Damien LeGallienne reporting]

“I am sure everything will go smoothly because how hard can this kind of surgery be?  How hard can it be to remove a pesky little prick from someone who is already a huge cunt?” [Damien LeGallienne]

Dave Muscato — the publicity director for an organization that has invented itself as “American Athiests “– is getting a sex change.

Yes, the ATHEIST PRICK will soon be – or is already – the ATHEIST CUNT  How hard was that to predict?

It’s okay to puke.  That’s what Jesus would do.

Yes, on top of all the other sickening things about this atrocious lump of complete un-fuckability,   the self-loathing monster, heretofore known as Danielle Mucato,  is now venturing even deeper into his misbegotten life — scraping the bottom of the barrel  in a vain attempt to find what’s missing.   He looks the way he does — short fat bald  — like the jolly guy who runs the local butcher shoppe, and then he thinks that YOU are a bigoted misogynist for thinking that he does not look like a lady.   Where is  P.T. Barnum?  Seriously!  muscato

The whole “defiant atheist” thing wasn’t cutting it for him.    He wasn’t getting the attention he craved.  He wasn’t ENOUGH of a misfit.  He was too close to normal-ugly for comfort.

It wasn’t enough to be a fucking annoying douche bag who mercilessly bashed on Christ and Christians and Christmas — he needed more.  And now, MORE means — chopping off his dick and walking about as the world’s most repugnant GENDER FUCK.

And, to make matters even more enviably loathsome, he has teamed up (he thinks) with the BLACK LIVES MATTER people who are, as we all know, so very tolerant of gays and trannies.  NOT !!!

NOTE TO DANIELLE:  BLM does not want white people — let alone white freaks and misfits – – to support them.    

ATTENTION:  Dave (Danielle) Muscato, is tearing down that bitch of a stubby dick and putting a vagina where a vagina OUGHT TO BE!  

Naturally my very own brand of malicious  fun starts just by imagining the  unimaginable horrors that can be wrought from a hypodermic needle and a  bottle of estrogen.  This is epic.  It’s a mountain of progesterone pills and dilating dildos.  This, ladies and gentleman, is a complete horror show.

What we are seeing here is the reverse menopause of Gilbert Grape’s mother, and this transition is going to make Bruce Jenner look like a very well-adjusted Girls Gone Wild vixen

Normally, we wouldn’t give two shits about this unhappy round midget, but this dudette is a fiend and an unapologetic Christian-bashing monster.   He tries to ruin Christmas and everything that is normal because he is angry and unhappy — and he wants you to be angry and unhappy as well.

So,  speaking as a privileged White European Christian male, I wish Dave (Danielle) Muscato, the best of luck with its penis removal and subsequent pussy installation.

I am sure everything will go smoothly because how hard can this kind of surgery be?  How hard can it be to remove a pesky little prick from someone who is already a huge cunt?

NOTE:    Do some of you not see the mission of this blog?  Please stop making my job so easy with angry comments that serve only to reinforce my opinions.  


19 thoughts on “Dave Muscato the Atheist Prick is getting cut off.

  1. Rena — As far as Dave/Danielle Muscato goes, I am, when compared to him, a regular John the Baptist. I use the language that he understands best and the language he deserves. It’s my own brand of benevolence and caring and in no way in league with any sense of my own religiosity. Perhaps you don’t realize that I categorize Joyce Meyer only a notch above all hellish creatures. I am a much better person than most.

    Damien LeGallienne.

  2. To that christian (?) piece of trash, you could not and are not fit to polish the bottoms of Danielle’s shoes. You claim sometime that, if your gawd was real, would be a major mark against the ledger some say is kept on all of you people. If I believed that trash I would believe that you are headed for the hell you all fear so much. Think about that. Danielle is an honorable, compassionate person who gives every person who contacts her the benefit of the doubt until it is proven that they no longer deserve same. Too bad no one could say the same about you. Remember the part about “judge not lest yee be judged?, ” well I think you have been judged and have been found to be lacking any human emotion required to be a part of the human race.

  3. First of all, I would not polish the bottoms of Danielle’s shoes for fear that she would fall on top of me. I honestly don’t know where auto mechanics get their nerve.

    Aside from that, Jean — boy did you miss the point. The purpose of my blog is to expose human stupidity and dumbness and nothing lends more credibility to my pursuit than getting a letter from a moron like you.

    You can’t even say the word GOD — you have to say GAWD — what are you afraid of, Jean? Do you fear being struck down by the sky daddy you despise so much or are you afraid you might come off as un-hip if you even say the word. The fact that you cannot say the word is very telling.

    IN other news — Danielle is NOT honorable in my opinion. In my opinion HE is a child-minded little prick who acts out to hurt people and piss them off because he’s unhappy and misbegotten. Let me know when his parents jump off the George Washington Bridge.

    And you! You’re a few notches lower because you’re one of his/her minions. You serve and admire a complete asshole who feeds on hatred and a perverted need to be hated. That is your lot in life. Hey — I know I can be nasty, but you soooo missed the point of the story that you NEED TO BE TOLD BIG TIME! I am doing you a favour!

  4. There is more than a little of the devil in you besides your name, boy. Your mouth needs a good old wash out with soap! Using the Lord’s name in vain, wishing evil on a fellow human, your holier than thou attitude. We won’t be welcoming you into my God’s heaven. You are simply too foul in thought, word and probably deed. Shame on you. We will pray for you.

  5. That was one of the most disgusting, hateful things I have ever read. It makes Bryan Fischer uncomfortable.

  6. Whoa, be careful dude – that level of pointless, unfounded hatred is SUPER toxic. You’ve got to feel like crap on a daily basis. Listen, I’ve known a lot of people like you and I know what you’re doing. You think you’re protecting yourself by pointing the gun at other people. But all your doing is making the gun stronger while weakening your reasoning. It’s destroying your defenses while making the gun stronger. Eventually that’s going to turn on you completely and you wont be able to stop it. You’ve got to start becoming curious about the things you don’t understand instead of trying to burn it all. Or else you’ll just continue becoming a bigger and bigger demon in your own life.

  7. Damien, you are a shining example of why religion needs to go! The stupidity of the shit that comes out of your mouth is just simply amazing. You are nothing more than human trash. You are such a piece of shit that even jesus, if she really existed, would have had gawd turn your heart to stone upon meeting you, because she would have realized that you are not a redeemable human being. Your web site that claims “A website dedicated to human stupidity and dumbness” is a perfect description for what you print. You should be doing autobiographies about yourself. You are even too stupid to realize that when Jean uses the term GAWD, she is making fun of the NON-EXISTING deity that you so blindingly follow. People like Jean are a growing part of society that has come the realization of the danger and stupidity behind religious beliefs, and the dumb asses like you that it cultivates. Danielle, unlike you, is a respectable human being. She has more people that respect her than you can EVER hope to have.

  8. John Porgul — it amazes me how your hatred towards me is written with words that seem so heavily steeped in religiosity. I also do not believe that Jean uses “gawd” so as to poke fun at the non-existance of any gods.

    I think you and Jean use the word gawd because you’re afraid to use it, and you are acting out like spoilt children.

    Also, how do you know I blindly follow any GAWD anyway? How did you come to that conclusion?

    Listen, John. People who act out IN-YOUR-FACE atheism as their cause, usually have something mentally wrong with them or some kind of deep trouble in their life. I think that’s sad for the most part, but Danielle’s sexual identity issues are testament to that probability.

    I do not think that transsexualism is a mental illness, but I believe it’s a delusional thing like anorexia or any variant of a body dysphormia issue.

    In any case, being an atheist is totally acceptable and natural, but to make atheism your religion or your crusade in life is a sign of arrested development. It’s like cursing as a child or smoking cigarettes to get a rise out of your parents; or to feel grown up. It’s some kind of anal-stage experiment of the mind.

    Also, the only people who truly RESPECT Danielle, in spite of her hateful antics, are people who are like-minded. I am certain, however that her circle of sincere endearment is highly insular and very small.

  9. Dear Michael McKIbben, please include a copy of your imaginary medical degree and any other platitudes you might find to be applicable.

  10. Damien, you write and think like a twelve year old. Please tell me you’re not much older than that.

  11. And, to be fair, I am neither an atheist nor a fan of Danielle Muscato. But you’re even more dithering and hypocritical than she is.

  12. Listen, Dam. The easiest thing to do when you don’t like a story or an article or a blog entry is to criticize the writing or to mock the writer. The only thing that’s dithering around here is the disingenuous fact that you claim to be neither an atheist nor a fan yet you are quick to remind me that SHE is DANIELLE. I am so used to people like you — always the same old shit.

  13. Danielle doesn’t know squat about science. When he couldn’t answer my questions about new scientific discoveries that lend credence to the existence of a supreme being, he retaliated with invective and diatribe and un-friended me on facebook. I feel sorry for this misguided girlie-boy who thinks that peddling his atheism is the path to true greatness.

  14. Doug, please know that Danielle is one messed up and unhappy blob. I can’t wait for the unveiling of his new delusional feminine side — if that can ever be achieved by modern science. If there was ever a time that this fat douche bag should ever believe in god it’s now. Only a supreme being can cut a slit into that behemoth. I think when he looks in the mirror at the monstrosity he is about to create, he might actually kneel and pray for GOD to help him. He is a moron. You are keen to point that out. thank you: Damien LeGallienne

  15. I know of a Danielle but she’s Galleon she’s pretty close to being a man because she’s nothing but a liar who is trying to get me in a whole heap of trouble

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