George Clooney’s Fake Marriage Helps Hillary.

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“George Clooney needs a “Magic Johnson” wife to drag along on Hillary’s campaign trail, and it looks like they’ve found him one.  I wonder if George has even met the poor girl yet.” [Damien LeGallienne]
The most recent jibber-jabber in the world of the American Simpleton is now all about the upcoming George Clooney fake marriage. Guys who do hair and women who do nails and housework — confirmed bachelors who work in retail etc., cannot get enough of this malarkey.  They love it because it beats having to learn about something real or important.
The Clooney gang has put the ultra-fake machine into overdrive because they are gearing up for the Hillary Clinton Presidential campaign, and of course they are going to need a wholesome image for their man Clooney.
George Clooney needs a “Magic Johnson” wife to drag along on the Hillary campaign trail and it looks like they’ve found him one.  I wonder if George has even met the poor girl yet.
In any event, the driven nature of the American Simpleton as a variety of humanoid, is to live vicariously through the real or imagined adventures of celebrities and star athletes — people who would step over their corpses in the gutter were they to have a massive stroke on Sunset Blvd.
Putting  that little bit of anthropology aside, allow me to say that nothing about George Clooney besides the shit and piss in his toilet is genuine or sincere or real.  He is the ultimate impostor and the average simpleton in the USA has elevated him to the kind of status that all impostors crave — he is believed and beloved in spite of the fact that his entire life is invented and scripted.
George Clooney has taken impostor-ship to a new level — he thinks he can invent pretty much say, or do, or lay claim to anything and everything and that everyone will believe it.  It’s the worst kind of hubris, and if you know anything about the word hubris (which many of you do not) you will learn that it means more than just arrogance..  It’s a malignant type of arrogance that leads to a tragic downfall.   Yes, it’s true.  Look it up and learn something.

Okay, so let’s examine why George Clooney is an impostor and why the simpletons of the USA and Europe (not so much) think so highly of a man whose only truth lies in the toilet.
George Clooney is not really handsome or virile or sexy.  That’s all been invented by his press people.  For 20 years — in spite of never having had a hit film or TV show —  George Clooney’s people put his “Scruffy in Armani” pictures on People-ish magazines and millions of morons who browse or buy from the rack at the supermarket are instantly conned into believing that it’s a true fact.
It’s Orwellian.  “This is the image of a handsome man and this is what has been determined to be the watermark of male beauty.”
It’s not out of the question that some women and men might find Clooney to be attractive because even the ugliest of the ugly ultimately finds someone who finds him or her to be attractive.
Dean Martin sang the song, “Everybody Loves Somebody Sometime” and for every George Clooney who has a hundred press people working overtime to propagate the lie that their man is an Adonis, there are millions of ordinary to outright ugly guys who have at least one old, desperate slut at the bar chasing after them.
Keep in mind that George is not butt ugly, but in real life he would go unnoticed. He has millions of dollars to take what little he has and work with it so as to create the illusion of good lucks and sophistication and virility.  In my opinion, like Rock Hudson who came before him — and luckily not in him — Clooney is a closet queen who masquerades as a swinging bachelor.  He’s living in a Frank Sinatra movie circa 1963 only this Frank Sinatra has a hint of mint.  He looks 15 years older than he is and his body is thin, frail and ugly and dark and waxed and plucked.   Rock Hudson, on the other hand, was actually handsome and he wasn’t a phony.   Hudson was forced to hide his gayness.  He never stood on sanctimony — playing the gay-adjacent game.
So, Simpletons of the USA, prepare yourself for the new First Lady of the American red carpet because she will be coming to a whistle-stop Presidential campaign spot near you.  Ah yes, Mrs. George Clooney.  Look for her because she has been hand-picked by marketing experts, and she will bring along her shy and retiring and totally phony stupid and politically moronic and untalented husband.  After the election George will back with the guys on  the gay Greek island of Mikonos — and the wife will have a movie career.

7 thoughts on “George Clooney’s Fake Marriage Helps Hillary.

  1. I’m so glad I found your website since recently I did something idiotic
    and am now paying the price. I stupidly re-injured my back by using a ballet
    move while working in the house. The fact that it’s been forty years since
    I was a dancer and am not a kid, I consider myself a suitable fan of
    your site.
    I agree totally with your article and got some good laughs while reading
    about “gorgeous” George. Frankly, I never could figure out if he really
    exists, what he does and even what he could be. He looks much older than
    his age and for years has been a strange shade of green which makes him appear like the “undead”. It’s doubtful that he is anything but a sham
    actor, lover, friend and political activist lol! He has been called the
    new Cary Grant? I find him ridiculous as a “suave, debonaire, international
    socialite”. He used to sleep with his pet pot-bellied pig until it died(
    probably from having to put up with the proximity). I give his upcoming
    marriage 3 years or less depending on whether the election works out
    according to plan. The public now speaks in one syllable words which
    means that they will vote Hillary in(but only if she goes “Hollywood”
    like my uncle who eventually needed shock treatments).
    I really needed those laughs-thank you!

  2. Are you saying that Amal wants a movie career? What’s with the overkill of daily pap articles?

  3. Your words ring true I’m sad to say. In Hollywood so much is scripted and staged it’s difficult for me to believe any of it.

    George Clooney’s marriage is a scam. I knew it right away. There had to be some underlying agenda, because he did not fall in love.

    Wasn’t sure what the agenda was except you point out a good one – politics. It made me think he himself is planning on running for public office and being married is important. Will he have a fake kid?

    Don’t understand the lengthy bashing of his looks. I watched him on Roseanne in the late 80’s and he was very handsome. He didn’t look too bad in ER either. It could have been the lighting.

    So the marriage is phony and who knows all the reasons why. As for the rest, I couldn’t say.

  4. Meghan Markle & Prince Harry do NOT need George Clooney, unless G. Clooney is going to pay for all Thomas Markle’s medical & household bills. The world will still go on without George Clooney. He is a celebrity because everyone has made him as such. His huge bank balance has not caused positive effects on poverty stricken countries either. George Clooney is the same as everyone else. When he dies, he cannot take even $3/- with him. Only his good & bad deeds. George struts around like a prized peacock in order to command attention. He seeks attention, followed by all the oohs and aahs ! Kevin Costner & Bruce Willis are a million miles ahead of Clooney as actors. G. Clooney is nothing alongside Clint Eastwood. All that mentioned, George Clooney should look to giving aid to the homeless, the unemployed & the destitute. Apart from fingering his cock and arse cheeks ! Are we having homemade pizza tonight, George ? Or is it burgers ?

  5. I have always said that Clooney is a pre-fab actor. Like the Emperor’s New Clothes, everyone admires his great talents, but no one has ever seen it. Why? Because he doesn’t have any. He is a mediocrity at best and personally, I think that he is sickly and old looking for his age. He’s also a mental lightweight. Also, his marriage is fake IMO.

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