Could Sanjay Gupta Spread Ebola Virus to the USA?

Sanjay Gupta MD is a doctor who makes most of his money selling books and being a medical correspondent for CNN. He’s not usually as annoying as most cable news correspondents, but right now, perhaps in pursuit of a Pulizter Prize or something, he has been traveling to Guinea – a former French colony on the west coast of central Africa — to do stories about the people there who are dying from the deadly and incurable Ebola virus.

He reports from this country in very disease-ridden areas where most of the people have come down with the deadly illness associated with the virus.

Is Sanjay Gupta a great crusader for these poor people or is he a modern day Typhoid Mary who thinks he is above carrying the disease here to the USA?

Is he doing this out of compassion for people or is he doing it to get ratings for CNN?

Personally, I think he’s not so altruistic and the stuff he is reporting has no real educational purpose. He can easily do a story about the dangers of Ebola without actually going to the place where people are infected with the disease, but I assume Dr. Gupta feels that he needs to inject a little of the “Geraldo Rivera” factor into his stories.

In my opinion, Sanjay Gupta — in his quest to look like a courageous man of medicine — is putting the lives of Americans in great danger and for that he should not be allowed to continue with these reports.

Guinea — your garden variety fourth-world dump that used to belong to France — is a country with virtually no infrastructure. Nice job, France — as usual.

These natives of Guinea are peasants scattered throughout villages. Guinea does not have millions of people sharing buses and trains and airplanes and workplaces. If one — just one of these people — acquires the Ebola virus in the USA — especially NYC — it’s the end not only for the lives of hundreds of thousands, but for the economy of the entire USA.

Hey, maybe you’re a good doctor, Sanjay Gupta, but do us all a favor. Stay the hell away from Guinea unless you intend to stay there for the rest of your life. Stop playing with fire. If you want to be an Ebola martyr, good for you, but in the meantime, don’t risk the lives of everyday Americans.


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