Walmart Cashier Cash Back Scam Story is a HOAX!

walhioaxThe story that’s floating around Facebook about Walmart cashiers stealing your money via the “cash back” route is a complete hoax and it’s been around since 2004.   That is not to say that some cashiers are not crooked, but the cash back stories you’re starting to see on your face book “shares” are 100% fake.

There are several incarnations of this story and about 90% of them involve accusations against Walmart employees and Walmart stores in general.  All states are now implicated in this hoax and some receipts that are pictured in the hoax have the names of REAL people on them — and a few of those people are fighting mad.

“Anyone who knowingly passes along information of this kind with the intent to harm or demean the reputation of a Walmart cashier or manager will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law,” said Director John Lincoln who runs a private security firm which handles investigations into felonious defamations.  

“If someone creates an image wherein they claim to have been robbed of money by a named individual, and then in turn posts that image on social media outlets such as Facebook, that person or persons will be subject to arrest on various charges.  Since local law enforcement is not equipped to handle millions of Facebook shares, our company does what we have to do to find the source of the image and the IP address of the person who created the image and the story.  From there the case is handed over to the proper authorities.” has told you people time and time again that Face book “shares” — the  stupid things people share on your wall — are almost always fake.  The one we’re talking about here is the dumbest one of all — so don’t fall for it. 

When you use a credit or debit card at Walmart, the swipe deck asks you, “Would you like cash back?”  You press the button that says NO.  Then the total amount of the sale comes up and you again have to press YES if you agree that this is the correct price.  If you have half a brain, you will know something doesn’t add up when you purchased a few items for $6.00 and you get a receipt for $56.00. 

If someone shares this stupid “Walmart cash back” crank on your wall or in an email, and there is a name and phone number on the receipt, you should gently remind the person who passed it along that the original source of this material – the original creator — faces penalties of up to $250,000 in fines and  5 years in jail.  Each state is different and so far all 50 states gave been implicated in this hoax.  It’s just an attempt by Walmart haters to hurt Walmart.  The only person they’re really hurting is themselves because so far three people have been arrested. 

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