“It’s the most shocking plot twist in the history of plot twists.  I’m just messing with you.  How the hell should I know how it ends?” [ Bruce Willis talking about the upcoming final episode of Breaking Bad which airs tonight on AMC.]

Tonight marks the grand finale of the mega hit “Breaking Bad” and all we can tell you is to be prepared for a major plot twist at the very end. could make a fortune revealing this incredible plot twist, but we believe in playing fair because there is no plot twist.

“I have been producing TV shows for 35-years,” said a veteran producer who will not go on record. “In all those years, I have never seen a plot twist that is so unsuspected and unpredictable and so not going to happen.   It’s freaking epic is all I can say.  People are hoping for some great revelation, but it ain’t gonna happen.“ will not tell you what will happen tonight in the finale, be we can tell you this much:

One of the lead characters throughout the entire run of the show gets his affairs in order.

The best part is that Walter ties up all of his loose ends in some pretty cool ways.  It’s not a cop out — no waking up from a 4 year dream or anything like that.  It’s brilliant, and the writers have been giving very, very vague clues all along — but nobody seems to have noticed.

TheDamienZone has scoured every BREAKING BAD message board and not once have we seen so much interest in a possible plot twist. 

“It’s the most shocking plot twist in the history of plot twists,” said veteran actor Bruce Willis who is a “Die-Hard” Breaking Bad fan. “The plot twist in The Sixth Sense was something a few people in every crowd saw coming, at least that’s what people have told me over the years, but this plot twist is freaky. I’m amazed at the brilliance and this might go down in history as the biggest plot twist in the history of plot twists because there is no plot twist.  How frigging twisted is that?  I am actually pissed off .”

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