Facebook Free Heart Transplant Baby photo HOAX!

The latest in a long line of facebook hoaxes is still being passed around by mindless morons on Facebook.  The stupidity of these lonely and/or moronic people never ceases to amaze me.

This time it’s an absurd photo of a baby lying in a hospital bed after open heart surgery.  I’m  not sure if the photo is real or staged, but I am certain that the hoax that goes along with it is a real sick one.  I have a feeling, however, that the photo is as fake as the story that goes along with it.

Idiots — simpletons — morons — are asked to pass this sad photo around in the hopes that if 100 people share the photo, the little boy will get a free heart transplant.

“Who could be so cruel to make a hoax like this?” asked one Facebooker.

The answer is simple — the cruel person is any idiot who falls for it and shares it with their friends –maybe that person is you.  Don’t you think logically before you sit at your computer with a donut in your mouth and pass this crap around the world wide web of retards?

The reason these hoaxes continue and grow more and more sick is that so many people who use Facebook are stupid and feeble-minded.  I have seen this on facebook accounts where the responses to the photo get hundreds of sympathetic responses — all well-intentioned imbeciles who are so stupid that they believe a click on the photo will help to raise money.

Obviously the hoax is a sick one and if the photo is fake, that would make it double sick.  Since the child has already had some kind of heart surgery as would be suggested by the surgical dressings. he’s already had his heart transplant.

Instead of falling for this crap — donate some money to St. Judes Hospital for children or Deborah Hospital — that’s how real kids get real medical treatment — often free of charge.  Facebook is not paying for anybody’s ANYTHING. 


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