Zuckerberg Banning People Who Put Pictures Of Their Food On Facebook?

  Facebook does a lot of things that don’t make sense.  They’re always changing the privacy settings and the photo settings and the location settings.  The changes that are made by the Satanic forces at Facebook never seem to make any sense, but we, as mere mortals, are not supposed to understand how and why the Great Satan does the things that he does, 

The latest rumor about a Facebook change is so strange that no matter how you look at it, it doesn’t seem to make sense in any way shape or form.

Insiders who have escaped from the Facebook office before their pea-pod was ready to replicate them, have told several people that Facebook is soon going to ban photos of food on its pages,  In other words, you will not be allowed to put up pictures of a meal you made or a meal that was put before you in a restaurant. 

We asked one of these insiders — an anonymous former Facebook worker — what this was all about.

“Mark Zuckerberg hates people who put up pictures of their food,” said the insider who spoke to us in a dark hallway at a parking garage in New Brunswick, New Jersey near the Rutgers University Campus.

“Zuckerberg thinks that there is something mentally wrong with people who put up photos of a meal they have prepared or a meal they are about to eat in a restaurant because they did not kill the animal themselves or grow the crops on their property.

“He is especially repulsed by photos of entire table settings that some proud housewives put up before a big family dinner.  He say that it makes him want to puke and he gets all sweaty when he sees things like that.

“What he hates even more than people who put up pictures of their food is people who accompany the picture with corny sayings from the old Master Card commercials.  The one he hates the most is where people say, ‘A 5-pound Maine Lobster – delicious.  A Yukon Gold baked potato – scrumptious.  A bottle of Pinot Grigio – sumptuous.  Great friends and family to share it with — priceless! ‘ 

“He so totally hates that.  He hates it so much that he tries to send signals through the cable wires to destroy that person’s computer.  He hates pictures of food and he hates corny sayings from old credit card commercials.  When you put the two of them together, he completely loses his mind and sweats and has to take off his hoody.  He gets all confused and spaced out.”

TheDamienZone is going to side with Satan aka Mark Zuckerberg because we too do not understand why people put pictures of their food on facebook.  We also loathe the people who use the old “priceless” thing– it’s pretty played-out and old and used up and outright sickening.

Hey — Maybe Facebook is not so bad after all. 

So you should just make your food or eat what the waiter brings you, but if you take a picture of your latest dish and put it on Facebook, you should seek mental help as soon as possible.

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