Atheists in Costa Mesa, Misquote Thomas Jefferson on Hateful Billboard.

I told you so, I told you so, I told you so, I told you so — are ya happy now, you stupid, misquoting, atheist, ass-wipes?  I’m actually happy that this happened, and I am especially happy that it happened to the atheist group BACKYARD SKEPTICS. 

Some of you know that I have ranted against misquoting famous people for months, and where did it get me?  Well, I got a bunch of stupid letters from stupid people who said that it didn’t matter if the person actually said the words just as long as it SOUNDED like they said them — can you imagine the stupidity?  I sure can, because I get letters and comments like that all the time.

I got them when I warned that the Dalai Lama quotes were wrong – The Betty White quote was wrong and the Mother Teresa quote was wrong.  I predicted that this trend towards misquoting would lead to trouble — and it did — and this is just the tip of the iceberg.  The really bad misquote that gets people killed will happen in the next year — if it even takes that long.

It seems that my rants about the dangers of misquoting people fell on deaf ears — and the newest chapter in my crusade against misquoting was recently added by the dumbest of the dumb.

My two pet peeves, MISQUOTES and ATHEISM, have come together in a mind-blowing blizzard of sheer-shit flying stupidity.  For me it doesn’t get any worse than this, but for the rest of the world, this is only the beginning of the trouble this stupid, mindless and idiotic misquoting can and will eventually cause.

So here’s what happened:  A billboard in Costa Mesa, Calif., is getting some attention, but it’s certainly not the kind its sickening, stupid, silly, hateful, unhappy, malcontented, fuktard sponsors were hoping for.

The sign, paid for by atheist group Backyard Skeptics, ( a devout bunch of imbeciles and misfits and people who simply just hate other people but but hide it by saying that they don’t believe in god)  includes a quote about Christianity attributed to Thomas Jefferson. But guess what?  Jefferson NEVER SAID IT!  Research reveals there’s no evidence that Jefferson ever uttered or wrote the words.  So now what do these frigging idiots do? 

They have revealed themselves to be loathsome and misguided assholes for all the world to see.  If  the head of a Japanese chapter of Backyard Skeptics  made this kind of mistake, he would shove a knife into his own stomach for causing such an embarrassment to himself and his family.  Sadly,  we’re not that lucky here in the USA and Bruce Gleason does not have that kind of dignity because he is a fucking shithead.

The billboard includes a picture of Jefferson with the quote: “I do not find in Christianity one redeeming feature. It is founded on fables and mythology.”

Experts at the Jefferson Library Collection at Monticello when asked about the quote cannot find any trace of Jefferson ever saying this but they noted that atheist groups have been throwing it around for a few years.  Of course the bunch of atheist misfits didn’t look into the quote before they made the giant billboard because they are just as mindless as the simpletons who do this kind of silly shit all day long on Facebook.  The difference is that the simpletons on Facebook are not evil-minded pricks — well, not all of them.

Bruce Gleason, the leader of the hate group, and a profound misfit and a real douche bag, told the Orange County registrar that he should have done a bit more research before putting the words on the sign. YA THINK!!!  YOU FUCKING RETARDED SCUM BAG!

The billboard was unveiled on Wednesday. Gleason explained that purpose of this sign and others around the city was to ” expunge the myth that this is a Christian nation ” and to “share the idea that you can be good and do good without a religion or god.”

But why, Bruce?  For what reason do you need to put this up on a billboard?  I think the reason you do this is because you are starved for attention.  Maybe you failed in life, or you have deep rooted issues of self-worth and self-loathing — there can be no other explanation for doing something so childishly moronic.  What would cause a person or group of persons to put up a billboard that will obviously hurt, offend or annoy the vast majority of people who pass it?  It has to be a mental illness of some kind — there is NO OTHER EXPLANATION!

Right now I would say that Bruce Gleason is the biggest jerk-off and the biggest gaping asshole in the USA.  He is not only an asshole — he’s fucking stupid too.  I would kill myself if I were him.  You can quote me on that.

“If I were Bruce Gleason and I made a billboard about atheism and Thomas Jefferson, but I got it all wrong, I would kill myself in a public place with gasoline and a cigarette lighter”  [Damien.]

I have said before that I am not a religious person, but the people I despise the most in the USA are the in-your-face atheists.<— Note that I do not and never will capitalize the word.

ATTENTION:  I will donate to Bruce Gleason the money he needs to put up a billboard denouncing Islam — I will pay for one year– I don’t care what it costs — I will give him all the money he wants if he has the nerve to say something horrible like that about Islam on a billboard.  I apologize to the great peoples of Islam, but this douche bag has to learn his lesson the hard way.  My email address is on this page — drop me a note Bruce — you fucking coward.   You creepy low-life little punk.  Also, CBS, the company from which Gleason rented that billboard would never allow a billboard sign to disparage Islam.

What if a dying woman of humble origins was being driven by Ambi-Care for still another cancer treatment?  What if she saw that sign and her heart, a heart that she believes will be welcomed by Jesus when the time comes,  sank when she saw that?  What if because of you she had a moment of doubt that caused her great pain and anguish?  What would you say to her, Bruce?  What would you say to  that woman you great thinkers at Backyard Skeptics?  You wouldn’t say anything because you’re mean, hateful and malicious sociopathic misfits.  You’re not good for people.  You’re even WORSE than the Westboro Baptist Church — WORSE!!!  By far worse!

There is no group of people who are lower or more revolting.  These  people are the ultimate mifits and miscreants.   They are the poster children for self loathing and unhappiness.  They make me physically sick.  They totally ignore the fact that religion brings comfort to billions of people throughout the world — people who have nothing to hold onto but their faith.  People like Bruce Gleason are sick and demented because what they think is cool and hip and edgy is really just mean and loathsome and hurtful — and then the nerve to do it in California with the heavy Latino population — most of whom believe in God and don’t have Bruce Gleason’s money or ill-gotten fame — what a piece of shit!

Here’s a real quote — further demonstrating his retarded world view — he’s a fucking moron.  Gleason knows nothing about what really goes on in secular countries — and what’s he talking about — China?   That wouldn’t shock me.

“I am an advocate of atheism. I know that a reason-based world view trumps a faith-based world view when trying to make a better world, and I have the stats to back it up. Just look at the secular countries with the least amount of religious belief and how well they are doing. Look at the negatives of believing in a supernatural, omnipotent, omniscient sky-daddy, and there is no way anyone can argue that the positives outweigh the negatives.” [Bruce Fuktard Gleason]

Just the fact that he had to get in the catchy “sky daddy” thing proves that he is the biggest asshole on the face of the earth.  I hope the sky daddy, if there is one, strikes him with a bolt of lightning — and I hope the bolt bounces off the billboard before it reaches out with angry fingers to fry him.

Here are links to my recent blogs about the dangers of misquoting.  Take the time to read the comments from readers.  You won’t believe the stupidity!

7 thoughts on “Atheists in Costa Mesa, Misquote Thomas Jefferson on Hateful Billboard.

  1. Damien,
    You are so right and I could not have said it better!! I am so sick of people yelling to be accepted for THEIR views and crying that THEIR views are the only views. Although I am not the type to use the “colorful” terms you do, I am with you all the way!!!

  2. Thank you, McFarlin — you are NOT a misfit !!! Also I have updated the story with plenty of additional anger and curse words.


  3. I’ve never read you before, but I do admire your bluntness in regard to this crazee for atheism. I became aware of a real God thru my observation of Creation, an inward look at my Conscience, but mostly thru my personal encounter with Christ. Those are the three main ways to know there is a God. What culture has not had a god or gods? Enough said right there.

  4. People make mistakes. Atheists are no different. Gleason apologized and admitted his mistake. It humbled him. He moved on. You, however, are a ranting, raving imbecile who seems to find pleasure in wasting precious time by deriding others within a whirlpool of your own stupidity. This person you’ve deemed “Stupid Asshole of the Year” is actually far above you in character and morality, so what does that tell us about YOU? Answer: It tells us all we need to know.

    Thanks for airing your ignorance in public for all to see. Have a nice day pounding on your keyboard in whatever dark basement you reside in.

  5. Gleason has “moved on” — are you out of your fucking mind? He “made a mistake?” Again, are you out of your fucking mind? He made a mistake by attributing a quote to Thomas Jefferson, but that’s the least of his sins against stupidity. He’s a cancerous villain, and the fact that you don’t get that is ample testament to your stupidity and ignorance. Saying in this case that Gleason made a mistake is like saying a Nazi doctor “made a mistake” when he killed the Jew with the wrong gun. Do you understand that — ??? I don’t think you do.

    Your reference to me “pounding on your keyboard in whatever dark basement” is so trite. Do you know how many people say things like, “are you off your meds” or “you’re pathetic” or ” do you live in your mom’s basement?” I keep a big pile of those tried and true and unoriginal attempts at insult on my desk — which. I might add is not in a basement.

    Your anger and your ersatz psyholgical analysis of me are meaningless. You’re shooting the messenger, Michael, and you’re doing it with silly phrases like, “within a whirlpool of your own stupidity.” I can’t even begin to figure that one out — but I guess it sounds like good writing in the moronic world in which you live — which is what you are — a clueless, mindless, unthinking, and pretentious little moron.

    Yes, a guy who spends all of his time and money mocking the religious beliefs of passing motorists is high above me in moral character — wow — you know what you sound like to me? You sound like a schizophrenic and I am really good at picking them out of a crowd. You know, I might evn be a psychiatrist for all you know. In fact, it’s actually quite easy to spot a schizophrenic via their written words. Also you could be Gleason himself since this comment comes from the area of California where his lunatic fringe lurks — and it woud not surprise me if he, or more likely, one of his demented followers were mentally sick.

    Damien LeGallienne

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