Lorraine Bracco — Plastic Surgery! She is the wounded warrior!

Lorraine Bracco, bless her heart, is doing her part by hosting fundraiser ads on TV for The Wounded Warrior Project — but she herself looks like a different type of wounded warrior — too much plastic surgery.

She does not even look like the actress who treated Tony Soprano for psychiatric illness. 

Wow — she looks like Patti Stanger now — wow — didn’t even recognize her.    I thought is was Melanie Griffith or even Kathy Griffin — or Merv Griffin — or even Andy Griffith — but anybody but Lorraine Bracco.  WTF?

3 thoughts on “Lorraine Bracco — Plastic Surgery! She is the wounded warrior!

  1. Ahhh…. the “magic” of cosmetic surgery!!

    Lip collagen injections make lips look like sucker fish lips and is pretty ugggggly! A face “lift”, some Botox, the famous “butt-fat -into-lips” transplant, and VOILA! no longer recognizable- …and not for the better, I’m afraid!

  2. I was similarly shocked. Just shocked. She looks dessicated, drawn up, tightened like a snare drum. Pop !!

  3. Saw the ad this morning and thought, “Man, she sounds like Dr. Melfi. Who the heck IS that?”. Then I rewound the DVR. UGH!

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