TCM’s Robert Osborne Issues Public Statement On Facebook.

After months of rumors and conjecture, Turner Classic Movie’s Robert Osborne has issued a personal statement on Facebook.   Sounds like Mr. Osborne is doing just fine.    Below is what Mr. Osborne posted today on Facebook via TCM’s Facebook page.

A message from ROBERT OSBORNE to the TCM community: “I want to thank everyone for the great messages you have sent while I’ve been on my summertime break from TCM. I’ve been having a wonderfully restful vacation and I do look forward to being back with enthusiasm this fall. I also give heart-felt thanks to all those generous guest hosts who’ve been filling in so well for me. To them, and to all of you in the TCM family of viewers, a deep, low bow.” -Robert Osborne

The Damien Zone had to add the quotation marks because whomever it is that runs that TCM Facebook page, does not know how to punctuate properly.  NOTE TO TCM:  I am available to take the job of running your Facebook page — I know how to punctuate.

3 thoughts on “TCM’s Robert Osborne Issues Public Statement On Facebook.

  1. Robert Osborne is a classy gentleman and I have enjoyed watching him host for years. The thought has vrossed my mind if he is gay or not but what difference does it make? He is extremely good at his job and his private life is no ones business but his own. I missed him while he took time off a while back. The movies are just not the same without him hosting. I am glad he is back and still a class act. Godspeed to you, Mr Osborne.

  2. I love Robert Osborne’s work and have missed it as everyone posting here has stated. I’ve been pleased with the caliber substitutes TCM has brought in, and I believe it would serve them well to diversify a bit rather than leave all the branding to the face of Robert or Ben. Ben has his place, IMHO, and does it well for a niche of viewers. If/when Robert Osborne returns, I would like to see more hosts of their segments as well as more viewer involvement onscreen. Robert remains and will forever be Mr. TCM, but I think they should provide an update to a tremendously dedicated audience and viewership to their product, and they should examine how to use this as time to consider how to utilize Robert as well as other more frequent hosts. Alec Baldwin was tremendous.

    I find any discussion of Mr. Osborne’s sexuality irrelevant to the topic, so I will say, may he be well. Love to TCM. Love to all of us who love TCM and let’s watch some movies.

  3. I love TCM! I love the movies that were made during the 30’s 40’s and one of my favorite actress is Betti Davis.She is one of Robert Osborne’s favorite as well. I don’t know anything about Osborne’s personal life but I wish him well and thank him for presenting these wonderful movies to us.


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