Casey Anthony – Very Low Boobs – Button Down Blouses — KILLER!

Casey Anthony – Very Low Boobs – Button Down Blouses — KILLER!

Casey Anthony is a killer – I call her “The Smother Mother” — let’s get that out of the way right off the bat.  Her poker face has been making me sick for nearly two years, but soon it will all be over and she’ll be in the electric chair or whatever they useto get rid of monsters these days.  Oh, yeah, they use lethal injection.  I hope that in Casey Anthony’s case that they do not swab the needle stick with alcohol so that she gets an infection while she is drifting off to Deathville.

So anyway, what’s with the button down pastel shirts?  Every day she wears one of those button down Gap looking shirts.  The other day she had on a pink one with a frilly front button line — that was really cute and perky.  It almost made the jury forget that she smothered her baby with duct tape and then drove around for a few days with the corpse in the trunk and then dumped the child’s remains in a boggy, wooded area.  Put that all together it spells MOM.

But what’s with her boobs?  Her boobs are so low and huge that she seems to have an extra long upper torso to support their lowness and hugeness.  It must have been very easy for her to nurse the baby she killed. 

If the Caylee was lying on Casey’s lap, Casey would actually have to lift her boob to breast feed.  I have never seen a stranger shape on a person.   Her head is long.  Her ears are long.  Her body is long and her breasts are long and huge and low.  She’s built like a 1972 Pontiac Luxury LeMans.

So her shirts make me sick and her severe hair makes me sick, but nothing makes me sicker than the fact that she killed her child in the most horrible way imaginable and then literally dragged her whole family into the muck and mire.

After she is sentenced to die — which could happen any minute now — I hope the jury also orders that she can no longer wear any button down big boob blouses.  It makes it hard to see her human shape –the fact that she is not human is not the issue.

I predict that her father does not live long after this trial — I have seen this before.  If you recall, Joran Van Der Sloot’s dad kicked the bucket on the tennis court after his giant dome-headed killer son put him through the wringer.  Casey Anthony too has a dome-shaped head like Van Der Sloot and her father is starting to look really bad — maybe there’s a trend of kids with huge heads who kill people and then their fathers get heart attacks — who knows?

I kindly submit to my readers:  I would like a doctor to explain why grief and stress like this can kill Casey’s dad who is already on hypertension meds —  and I would like to hear from a lawyer who can tell me if indeed Casey’s lawyer, that Baez guy, is a bad lawyer — and if so — how bad is he?

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