UPDATE: Italian Judge Accidentally Deports Snooki to Chile.

UPDATE:  (ROME 7:30am)–   There seems to have been a mixup in an Italian court and a judge issued papers for Snooki to be deported to Chile despite the fact that she is American. 

“The judge looked at the charges and the looked at Snooki’s personal file,” said a source close to the Italian ministry of High Justice.  “Her place of birth is listed as Chile and the judge simply assumed that she was Chilean.   After examining the charges he ordered her deported to Chile.  Moments after this edict was handed down, the judge was re-informed that Snooki was not Chilean and that she was American.  In the meantime Snooki took refuge in Saint Peters Basilica and is seeking  help from the Pope, the American Consulate General.  We hear that she might even try to get sanctuary from the Catholic Church.  The whole situation is very confusing and it’s only 7:30 in the morning and nobody knows what is happening.”

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