Japanese Whale Killers. Tsunami is KARMA !

In what might be the greatest example of Karma coming back to kick you in the ass, the whales of the world have announced that they worked in harmony to create the earthquake and the tsunami that beat the crap out of Japan on 11 March 2011.

“Japan likes to kill us and we decided to get even,” said Fudgy The Whale from his summer home in Maui, USA. 

“A bunch of us — maybe close to a million of us —  all got together and sat on the outer ridge of the tectonic plate that makes Japan vulnerable to earthquakes.   On the count of three, we all bounced up and down on that tectonic plate and caused a hell of an earthquake.  When we finished with that, we all got close to the surface and banged our hind fins and created a giant tsunami — we got ’em good.”

TheDamienZone.com has first hand information from WWCT, (Whales Who Can Talk), a group of activist whales who are sick of the stupid Japanese and their drone-like need to kill whales.  There is no need for whale parts other than for antiquated rituals and religious things — and for perfume.  And when was the last Japanese tourist who smelled nice when thy passed you — I mean, PUSHED you on the street of New York?

“We also blame the USA for all of this killing,” said Fudgy the Whale. 

 “You folks seem to have forgotten what blood-thirsty maniacs these Japanese can be when they’re given half a chance.  Sure they’re nice to you Americans — that’s because you nuked their asses, but whales don’t  have nukes and we are going to petition the US Government to allow us whales to have nukes so the next time the Japanese try to kill us, we will drop an H-Bomb on them that will make Hiroshima look like a pinata.   We’re not f***king around.”

For some reason the Japanese people continue to kill whales and abuse animals of all kinds.  In this way they act more like a 3rd world country than an economic superpower.  TheDamienZone.com does not condone the whales’ behavior but when the USA was on the receiving end of Japanese aggression, we really got ’em good. 

Seriously, Japan, why doyou have to kill whales?  You’re acting primitive and barbarian.  STOP! 

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