Joe Rogan Is Not Funny and His Hair Transplants Look Like Iron Filings.

Joe Rogan Is Not Funny and His Hair Transplants Look Like Iron Filings.

Before I get to the fact that Joe Rogan is totally unfunny or interesting, I would like to shout out to the doctor who did Rogan’s iron-filings hair transplant.

Hey, Doc!  When you made that totally drawn-in U shaped hairline on Joe Rogan’s head, were you playing with one of those little cheap toys where you move the iron filings onto the man’s head with a little magnet?  It sure looks like that’s what you did.  Funny that Rogan sounds a lot like Rogaine – and he’s dumpy and plumpy and ugly too.  His pants looked like they hadn’t been washed in years.  If anybody looks like they have ass odor, It’s Joe Rogan.

Okay — so anyway Joe Rogan is not funny.  He is painfully unfunny and sickening.  His routine about Dr. Phil is so unfunny that the audience seemed a little uneasy and squeamish between their nervous giggles.    After he finishes with the unfunny Dr. Phil routine, he does this thing about masturbation and self fellatio — he thinks it’s really cool and hip and edgy — but it’s not.  It’s stupid and vulgarity is used as a weak replacement for jokes — he doesn’t have any jokes so he talks about jerking off and hopes some pimply kids laugh.

He struts and frets his routine in a manic but poor imitation of Lewis Black.  Trouble is that Lewis Black is funny.  Rogan is NOT even remotely funny.    I watched something he did on Comedy Central and I thought it was amateur night.    Sadly, the only thing that was really funny about Joe Rogan was his iron-filings hair transplant.

68 thoughts on “Joe Rogan Is Not Funny and His Hair Transplants Look Like Iron Filings.

  1. your hater that’s all bro, when you said you know music, you know shit. You’re not a comedian, you have never done stand up so this article has absolutely no merit. Your opinion means nothing to the people that matter, only to the mindless limits that follow your shitty views …whoever that maybe. You honestly sound immature and uneducated go fuck yourself please.

  2. I approve 99% of comments, but since I have a life and I don’t go berserk whenever someone does not agree with me about someone else’s talents, I approve comments when I get around to seeing them.

  3. This is where I have to explain your own stupidity to you — all of you Roganians. This blog has over 2,000 individual entries. Two of them are about Joe Rogan but Google loves HATE comments and PRAISING comments. Neutral comments don’t really raise my visibility. That’s what it means when web designers say, “GOOGLE LOVES YOUR CONTENT” and in this case, the more you scorn my opinion or my blog or whatever, the higher my page rating goes and the more money I make. If you want to show your dedication to Joe “UNTALENTED” Rogan ( which would be his name if he’s gone into boxing instead of cockroach and worm eating) stop making this a popular blog entry. You are feeding me with hatred and it makes me want to write another Joe Rogan story –hmmm — where do I start? It has to start with Joe being unfunny, but then what? I could cull snippets from the private mail I get from people who dislike Joe “UNTALENTED” Rogan as much as I do.

  4. If there’s one person who knows funny, it’s the guy that photoshops crossed eyes on someone for humor.

  5. You’re being a silly little cunt, Damien. Go clean your room.

  6. Yes — bitter — pathetic — you left out “off your meds” — “live in your mom’s basement” – notwithstanding that this blog entry was written ages ago. Get with it up there in Mississauga.

  7. I have nothin really against Joe. I heard one discussion he had about video game addiction which I could relate to.

    My real issue with him is more than any other “comic,” there is less resembling a comedian than I have ever seen.

    If you really listen, he anunciates every syllable to stand out and be interesting.

    I think Louie ck is a legend, Eddie m, Chris Rock, kinison, dice… I just honestly for the life of me don’t see the humor in his bits and if anything is giving lectures on stage. The fact that he appears an alpha male… No great comedian has ever been in great shape really, not in a bodybuilder type way.

    Without hating on him, if he is a comedian, bill gates is an offensive lineman, Rosie odonnell is a supermodel and jerry springer is a Harvard professor (seriously)

  8. As a podcaster rogan is the best, but as a stand up comedian he isnt funny at all. He really does suck as a comedian, but good on him if he enjoys doing it.

  9. rogan’s standup is awful and does not induce laughter… or so I thought. some people like it and I find that fascinating—what exactly is funny? maybe it’s like when a small child sees something completely mundane and can’t stop cracking up. maybe it’s just that innocent and individual. to each his own, i’d say.

  10. Lmao at these upset commenters angry that you dare insult their idol.

    Rogan is unfunny. Period.

  11. He keeps talking about gay guys tricking straight guys into sex, probably because it happened to him. He is not now, nor ever was, nor ever will be even slightly humorous. Someone needs to take a knee and meet him eye-level so they can look him right in the face and let him know how cringe-inducing it is when he dissects and thus ruins good comedy.

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