Pierogi recipes are easy — Buy them frozen!


The picture here is nice, but the pierogies should be browner and slighlty crispier.   Also — never make meat pirogies — they taste like crap.

Pierogies are easy to make as long as you don’t have a Ukrainian babushka ( grandmother) breathing over your shoulder.   One time TheDamienZone made pierogi’s (or Vareneky as they call them over in the mother country) for a visiting Ukrainian and the comments was something like, “The taste is okay, but the presentation is terrible.”

Big deal — we screwed up.

Okay — Buy them frozen — the more expensive the better — mix ’em up too — potato and onion – and cheese and onion — and whatever else they have — but do not mix meat filled ones with soft, mushy, gook filled ones.  If you like meat-filled ones, I can’t help you because I am not Ukrianian and the stuff those commies (just kidding)  call meat boggles my mind.   Like lamb — how can you kill a cute lamb abd then fry it inside something that looks like a ravioli ?  You have to have a sick mind lemme tell ya!

Boil ’em — a few mintes — lightly fry them in Olive oil until they are brown on both sides.  To do this all you need is a big pan and some olive oil.  Brown a few onions, lay in your pre boiled pierogi’s and wait till they brown on each side.   Some will brown better than others.  Sprinkle the whole thing with a little garlic power and onion powder as they are coooking.   Grind some fresh peper on top,

The thing about presentation is that no matter how much you screw up the individual pierogi — like if you make a clump that stick together — they are still going to taste good.  But to please the eye and any Ukrainians or Poles who happen to be nearby, try to make each pierogo an individual.    That’s why olive oil is better.

Remember — brown on each side and not stuck to each other.   Pour  the friend onions over the pierogies.

Serve with a side of sour cream and you are home free.

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