Mary Tyler Moore Has A Brain Tumor — but she’ll be okay.

Mary Tyler Moore has a type of brain tumor called a meningioma and today doctors are going to take it out — shouldn’t be a problem.  As a matter of fact, if you are going to be diagnosed with a brain tumor, this is the kind of brain tumor you should pray for.

Meningiomas are almost always benign and they grow on the outer lining of the brain — of course there are variants and not all menigiomas are the nice guys of brain tumor land, but for the most part a typical meningioma is usually left alone but watched by a neurologist and in Mary’s case her doctors decided, after years of watching this tumor, to take it out.

The dangers for Mary are that this is surgery and all surgeries have risks.  She is also diabetic and –dare I say it — elderly — so it’s not an appendectomy on a 16-year-old high school jock — but she should be fine.  The risks with benign meningiomas is that they can get big and put pressure on the brain or they can become malignant.  With all that in mind, Mary’s doctors are yanking the thing out of her head.

If you want to know more about this kind of brain tumor — click here.

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