Was Osama Bin Laden Armed? Who Cares?

Instead of sitting back and breathing in a sigh of relief that Osama Bin Laden is dead, the President of the USA and the average American must instead be annoyed by the cult of misfits in this fucking country who just don’t know how to not be misfits. 

“What kind of idiots think that the most wanted terrorist in the world was holed up in a fortress and didn’t have weapons,” said Donald Freklierz of Park Hights, Utah, USA.

“Why would a Navy SEAL risk one second of his life and the life of his team waiting to find out what Bin Laden was packing?  It’s common sense in a situation as serious as this one to shoot first and ask questions later.  The President should not even address this stupidity. It’s beneath the dignity of his office.  The CIA and the US Military and our Commander in Chief all came together at that moment to get rid of this rat and that should be the end of that.”

TheDamienZone agrees, but then you have your misfits and wanna-be’s and fucktards who just won’t leave well enough alone because if they did they would have no lives.  They live to be misfits — yes, it’s true.  There are people in this country who devote their lives to being contrary misfits — just like the people who say  that 9-11 was an inside job — assholes and sick minds like Rosie O’Donnell and Charlie Sheen — would you ever listen to anything they say?   These people are mentally sick and they should be treated as such.  If medication doesn’t shut them up, they should be put in a quiet place where  they can make baskets and macaroni clocks.

Take for example The Huffington Post — a left wing rag run by perhaps the biggest c**t in the universe.  This fucktard will say, write, publish and do anything to fuck people up.    Let me tell you how this Greek carpetbagger is setting out to ruin the USA. 

First of all she got into the USA by marrying a gay guy (totally used him) and then she went on air as a conservative pundit.  When nobody liked her or watched her, she switched to the other side.  This shows that she has ZERO integrity.  She makes me sick.   Then she smears Republicans to get Obama elected and now that he’s in office she’s trying to quietly bring him down under the guise of reporting fairly about the Bin Laden killing.  She is NOT reporting fairly.  She is a a sneaky little rat bastard who publishes counterpoint articles simply because she is a fucking misfit.  You don’t have to look any further than that — she is no fucking good.  

Next, there’s a group of Republicans in Washington who are bothering Obama about the death-scene photos of Bin Laden.  The President is totally justified in not showing these pictures to a world full of blood-thirsty animals who will use them as propaganda tools to kill more innocent people.   These Republicans, and a few Democrats, have the balls to say the silly,stupid, maudlin, mawkish and psychologically incorrect terminology about bringing  “closure” to 9-11 families.  There is no such thing as closure — it’s something that is made up by pop psychology assholes like Oprah and Dr. Phil.  Real psychiatrists recoil when they hear that word.

How is a picture of Osama Bin Laden with his head blown away going to bring closure to anyone?  How stupid.  How maudlin.  How psuedo-scientifcially childish can you get?

TheDamienZone would like to thank the CIA, the brave SEALS who pulled off this mission, and President Obama for making the final decsion a gutsy one.  Now we have one less worry.

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