Unfunny, Crass, Disrespectful, Atheist Coward, Ricky Gervais — a transexual look-alike.

The law of American gravity states that it’s virtually impossible for a Brit to come to the USA and not impress us with his/her warmth, charm, styles and sophistication — but sadly now there is an exception.

Unfunny, failed-in-the-USA, comic and androgen-impaired, Ricky Gervais just can’t keep his ill-formed and transsexual mouth shut, and with Easter approaching, the world’s only unfunny British comic had to get in his digs against Christianity and religion in general.  He has learned the important lesson that mocking Christianity and boasting about Atheism is the best way to get attention in the USA.  It would be easier, however, for him to get attention if he pulled down his pants and showed his anatomically altered and/or failed genitalia.  If he ain’t a female to male transsexual nobody is. 

Anyway, Miss Gervais had to issue her  “Easter Message”  — here’s a part of the unfunny rant.  Note that she doesn’t mention Islam — unfunny, transsexual atheists are often cowardly like that.   The rest is a mockery of the the basic tenet’s of Christianity and Judaism.   Personally I don’t care what god she mocks, but the fact that she is so desperate for attention makes me sick.  She can’t face the fact that he is not cutting it in a country where we love our British cousins –don’t you know?

GERVAIS  – “To the Christians’ God by the way, it’s just as bad to believe in the wrong God as no God at all. The idea of other Gods is of course ridiculous to Christians. Supernatural poppycock. As if there was ever a Zeus; stupid, ancient, unenlightened superstition. And even if there are other Gods (which of course there aren’t) then the Christians’ God is the best. Hardest, smartest… just better. He would laugh at Zeus and call him a Greek bender. (I doubt that God is racist and homophobic but the Bible isn’t clear. Some bits go on about love and equality and others say you shouldn’t trust certain types and that laying down with a man as you would with a woman is punishable by death and is a bit sick and evil.)”

Of course all of this is totally unnecessary and undignified but she (Gervais) has to do something to try to boost her failing celebrity in the USA.  She thought he was going to be a big hit but instead she’s just a fucking lady-looking jerk-off. 

Here’s the thing Miss Gervais, if you don’t believe in God that’s fine, but since there is no God, that means there is also nothing to talk about.  No god = no subject and you can’t have a topic without a subject.  Let’s talk about your ambiguous sex organs and your testicles that were lost in gestation.    In England this whole thing would be ignored as would Gervais, but he knows that in the USA he will anger people and get some publicity.

6 thoughts on “Unfunny, Crass, Disrespectful, Atheist Coward, Ricky Gervais — a transexual look-alike.

  1. Wow, you are obviously very mature calling Ricky Gervais a “Transsexual” so what if his comedy isn’t very everyone, you big baby. He has a right to his opinion, his sense of humor. If you don’t get it, get off ur lazy fat ass, and turn the channel, Moron.

  2. To me, he looks like a transexual — do you think I am the only one who thinks he looks like a female-to-male transexual? I could never understand people like you; people who come to the defense of celebrities as though the celebrity under fire wouldn’t step over you were you to be stricken with paralysis in the gutter. I like to think I am on the cutting edge of knowing who stinks and Gervais made himself personna non grata in Hollywood long after I’d already dismissed him as an unfunny, androgenous glob! Why bother me with your anger when you should be enjoying life in your shitty Chicago suburb.

  3. failed in america ? are you joking? he’s hosting his 3rd golden globes you stupid cunt. you don’t have to like him. i have absolutely no problem with people hating him and i don’t even care that you called him a transsexual. but jesus, are you fucking stupid…failed in america? most ridiculous thing i’ve ever heard in my life. twonk.
    since there’s no go there’s nothing to talk about? but there is, because people try and force their belief of god onto others, and that’s what he’s talking about. you’re so stupid.

  4. Learn to punctuate — and yes, he is a failure in the USA. He is a fringe celebrity at best, and almost everyone watching the Golden Globes has no idea who he is. Even George Maharis has a fan somewhere.

  5. He only said all of those stupid things about Ricky because he’s a lame believer and his little feelings were hurt by Ricky’s factual statements about his cult.

  6. McFly, do you know the difference between showing respect fo the religious beliefs of others, and undignified, childish behavior. You use words like “believer” and “cult” — what do you think that says about you? How can you say that Gervais’ remarks are factual? Do you know something about the universe that nobody else does? Do you also note how he NEVER mentions Islam in his rants against organized religion? Why do you think that is? If you need to be told, it’s something any psychologist will tell you — Gervais has self-esteem issues but he is smart enough not to get himself into trouble. He is a bully and a wimp at the same time. That’s a veryba way to live — it’s loathesome.

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