New Jersey – The Most Bisexual Couples in the USA.

A study done by the Society For American Sexual Studies and Anthropology (SASSA)has revealed that New Jersey has the most bisexual people in the United States.  Surprisingly, many of these bisexuals are centered in two specific areas of the state.

“We have found bisexuality to be a major factor in 25% of the divorces in the New Jersey cities of Long Valley and West Orange,” said Dr. Carla VanTemping, the Institutes leading research analyst.

“Twenty-five percent is a huge number when one takes in the amount of divorces versus the amount of people assumed to be bisexual, but the divorce hearings and polls we have rsearched have shown that an accusation of homosexuality or bisexuality by a spouse was indeed a predominant cause for divorce in these two New Jersey municipalities.  The lowest incidence of bisexuality was in the small seaside town of Spring Lake, New Jersey where there were zero reports of marital infidelity being committed with a member of the same sex.”

TheDamienZone notes here that SASSA is using the word “bisexual” because the assumption is being made that a married person would have at one time considered themselves to be heterosexual.  A change from a heterosexual lifestyle into a gay lifestyle would imply that the person is bisexual but doctors from SASSA are not so quick to draw that line — although they have labeled the people in question to be bisexual.

“Bisexuality is more of a game and in reality a true bisexual is a rarity,” saint Dr. VanTemping.

“The truth is the these people —  most by the way are men —  flirt with a heterosexual life early on to mask a hidden desire.  They want to be what like everybody else.  They want to have a wife or a husband and kids, but then as the years wear on and their true nature starts to overtake them they throw themselves into a homosexual lifestyle and the marriage is eventually torn apart.  What we don’t take into account in the amount of marriages that do not end in divorce because the spouse simply accepts the homosexuality of the spouse and it does not take into account the amount of couple who do not get divorced because the homosexual partner continues living homosexually in secret.

“What is true, in the case of the men studied is that none of then went back to having sex with women — ergo no bisexuality per se — but current modeling trends force us to label them as bisexuals because they have had exhibited heterosexual behavior in the from of marriage.”

TheDamienZone was curious and we asked would these cases be centered in only two cities — is it an illness?

“For two relatively small towns to tilt New Jersey into the realm of being the state with the highest incidence of bisexuality is truly an oddity,” continued VanTemple.  “We assume that Long Valley is a quiet town within reach of the New York metro area while still being rather remote and that’s why a husband especially might choose to buy or rent a home there if he has his eyes set on something else — and in this case it’s sex.

“Also we think that West Orange is more recently being occupied by well-to-do black families and wealthy whites and the people who work in this town. Many of these men function very well as highly intelligent bisexuals — although we actually consider all of the people involved in the study to be essentially homosexual.

So, if you are looking for a bisexual guy or gal, take a ride over to the towns of Long Valley or West Orange, New Jersey.  You might find what you’re looking for — but it won’t last for very long so enjoy it while it lasts.

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