Chelsy Davy and Prince Harry. BORING!

Rumors are running around that Prince “firecrotch” Harry’s  ex flame, Chelsy Davy is back in London to reunite with the royal.  This hag doesn’t want to miss the limelight that has fallen on Kate Middleton.    To put it plainly, there is no woman on earth who will marry either of the two princes because they love them.  It will be all about status and hero worship.   It’s a shame but screw these two princes — they don’t have a care in the world that isn’t something dopey and manufactured by their “position.”

According to reports, Davy who is studying to be a lawyer is either back to give the relationship a second chance, or to start her legal training at law firm Allen and Overy or she is there because she craves fame.  I think it’s all about the fame and screw me if I’m wrong.  It’s true that Prince Firecrotch is better looking that his brother Prince Bald Horse Teeth, but the power lies with William — with Harry you just get a big weenie if that’s what makes you happy.

 Zimbabwe-born Davy, 25, had not only been invited to Prince William and Kate Middleton’s wedding in April, but that she would be attending as Harry’s date. <—-This sentence is from a press release and not written by me (Damien).  Can somebody explain the sense of this sentence because I think it was written by a 3rd grader in Zimbabwe.

 ” “They are still fond of each other and are always leaving sweet messages for each other on Facebook.” <—another p[ress release statement that makes no sense.  This is all made up crap excpet for what I said in the first two paragrpahs.   BLECH!

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