The original ( A Lady For A Day) was better — Bette Davis over-acts badly in this film — she’s supposed to be a street bum — — Glenn Ford is far too  refined to play this part — he’s a great actor but you can’t hide breeding, and he had it.

The movie is waaaaaay too long — and I hate to say it but Frank Capra was kind of a cornball director.

No character is really fleshed out and Ann Margaret is the world’s worst actress ever!
Edward Everett Horton is the only thing that gives this movie any style — Hope Lange is okay too but in her part she starts out as a meek humble girl and then suddenly morphs into this zany character – too bad for Hope cause she was good.

Lotta gay actors in this movie too — lot of inside stuff  I noticed and that was fun, but overall this remake is a snoozer. Great movie for middle-aged, unmarried men who go food shopping with their mothers.

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