Do you want to be a Movie Extra? Ask Jesse Heiman — he’s in everything!

It’s kind of like playing “Where’s Waldo.” 

Jesse Heiman is the world’s most prolific actor who really does nothing but is every freaking movie and television show.   He’s been an extra in basically every single freaking show on TV and his fugly face pops up in movies and whatever.    Pretty soon he’ll be standing in the background of Osama Bin Laden’s next video release.
He’s kinda fat and kinda lumpy.  He has curly hair and glasses and you would trip over him in the street, yet he’s impossible to miss once you spot him. He’s in the classroom in The Social Network. He’s at a a restaurant in Old School. He’s a mascot in 17 Again — he’s in Spiderman, Monk, Glee — just watch the montage video i pasted above this story.
So now you’re going to be looking for this tub of lard and in everything you watch and I will have succeeded in ruining your viewing pleasure — bwah hahahaha! 

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