Joy Behar: “Jews in Concentration camps joked about Nazis.” HUH?

Joy Behar, already named the dumbest person in the world by has reached the dumbness meltdown level — a level from which there is no redemption or no return — In other words, there will never be a dumber person.

The chunky, fleshy, unfunny, loudmouth, moron creature from THE VIEW — the show that is watched only by fat women and middle-aged single men who go grocery shopping with their elderly mothers — said today that unfunny comic Gilbert Gottfried’s recent jokes about the disasters in Japan are simply people venting their discomfort about it all — I guess she was trying to call it gallows humor — uh — that’s what I do, Joy, you fucking fleshy asshole!  You are so fucking stupid that you make me sick!  I called you the dumbest person the world last year and you are now the dumbest organism in the universe.  There are plankton with more talent and brains than you.

But that was just the beginning.  Joy said that people in concentration camps probably made jokes about their situation and about Nazis.   Yes, Joy — Jews who lost their entire lives and families and friends often made jokes about gas showers and crematoriums.  If I were Jewish, I would put Joy Behar on trial in Nuremberg.  She is that loathsome!   The problem with Joy Behar is that she thinks she is Jewish and a lot of people think she is Jewish — she is not — and what difference would that make anyway. 

I’m trying to think of a Jewish concentration camp joke but I’m coming up blank — must be writer’s block.

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