Seann William Scott checks into Rehab.

Seann William Scott checked into a rehab place for “personal reasons.”  I kind of like this guy and wish him the best.  He’s got a lot of rumors circulating around him but since I am so smart, allow me to tell you what I think is going on here.    Again — this is what I THINK is going on with him.

Recent weight gain and kind of being in and out of the scene overall says to me that there is a problem with prescription meds.  Usually Klonopin or Xanax or another anti-anxiety med.  Maybe a little drinking too and perhaps personal issues added to the mix.  Sometimes famous stars give you clues about their true selves and the make-out scene with him and Ashton Kutscher may have been one of those clues — for both of them.  Like Shakespeare penned, “Many a truth is spoken in jest.) — Shakespeare was soooooooo smart!  I think he was smarter than Einstein — but then again I am a writer — no matter how many typos I make — I am a writer and I know a lot of shit and I know how to put it on paper dammit!

Hey — movie stars have regular problems too, but the weight gain points me in a direction I don’t like.  I have heard that he has taken off the weight — so he gains weight and then takes it off and brings himself to rehab — not a good recipe overall.  Who knows?  Like I said, there are a lot of rumors milling around this guy despite the fact that he is not really a hugely famous person — I mean, I didn’t even know his first name was spelled with two “N’s, and I kind of think he’s good.

Hope it turns out okay for this guy.

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