Lost Continent of Atlantis Found! Morons Make Discovery!

This is it. No, really. I know you might have been temporarily fooled two years ago when it seemed as if the Lost City of Atlantis has turned up on Google earth — that annoying satellite photo site that makes you feel like you’re looking for missiles in Cuba until four in the morning.

But this time it’s serious. Really serious. How do I know? Well, it’s on the National Geographic Channel.  They have to be the best because their commercials are 7 minutes long.  Don’t believe me?  Time them when you get a chance.

Tomorrow night the channel will show the work of William Freund, a professor at the University of Hartford, Conn., and his international team of Atlantis-seekers.  They never really did anything worthwhile and for real at the university so they figured they would shoot for Atlantis.  If this doesn’t pan out, they will find Amelia Earhart in a UFO.

You will be wondering where Atlantis truly is. Throughout history there has been speculation that it was somewhere near Southern Spain. The Google Earth rumor placed it 600 miles west of the Canary Islands–off the west coast of Africa. The truth is that it never existed and whoever watches this show is a retard!

Using satellite photos, Professor Freunds and his friends say they’ve found the remains of a city, just north of Cadiz in Spain. They say that it has the multi ringed characteristics that many associate with the legendary Atlantis. And they say that it was wiped out by a tsunami.  Ain’t that convenient?

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