Khan Academy teaches great things.

The Khan Academy in Mongolia (not the USA as reported) teaches kids how to behave like Ghengis Khan.  The school teaches them how to be a marauder and how to pillage other classrooms and how to ride on horseback with a sword and razor sharp chains.

“We like to teach our kids about the 3 Rs,” said teacher Bill Conquer who works for the Peace Corps in the tiny village of Pnu GoumPa on the norther fringes of Mongolia.

“The three Rs are Reading Rape and Ravaging — so far it’s going really well and of an original class of 200 we are now down to 22 of the strongest.  It’s sad that the other kids are dead but they couldn’t fight and they were not as savage as the other kids. 

Americans who want to send their kids to Khan Academy must fork over $300,000 per year and the whole course takes four years — but the odds are your kid will only last a few months so it might not be worth paying the whole thing up front.

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