What is wrong with Justin Bieber’s face?

Poor Justin Bieber — he is getting uglier by the minute!  How could this be happening so rapidly?  TheDamienZone.com asked an expert on aging and teenage medicine.

“Justin is going through a typical Canadian growing up process,” said anti-aging expert Dr. Chip Chastings of the Institute For Aging And Facial Change in Columbus, Ohio.

“His face is elongating rapidly and his chin is getting very pointy.  While the change is shocking to many, it is typical.  The fact that Justin Bieber was a teen idol who is rapidly becoming very unattractive makes it more apparent to the untrained eye.

“Kids grow up and become homely all the time — just look at Shirley Temple and Freddie Bartholomew.  They were cute child stars who went through puberty and really went down the tubes.  Like I have said to many of my patients, there are many ugly people who used to be cute kids.  Have you ever seen an ugly puppy or kitten?  Of course not.

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