Ginger White – Herman Cain’s Mistress — Why Did She Come Forward?

Think about the only possibilities:

1- Ginger White is lying?

2 – Ginger White is looking for money?

3 – Ginger White is getting payed to say this?

4 – Ginger White has ZERO self-respect.

5 – Ginger White is telling the truth and #2 #3 and #4  are true as well?

These are the only possibilities — you don’t need to be a genius to figure this out.

In Biblical times she would be called a whore, but in these modern days she is probably called a money-hungry whore by the Herman Cain camp.  I assume, to avoid being called nasty names, somebody told her to wear a simple dress and pearls.  She still looks like a rat to me — what a LOSER!  Does anyone have any self-respect or are the usual scummy TV lawyers so good at seducing people.  I think it’s the TV lawyers because they are souless and godless demons/

Some old hag named Ginger White who wants money and fame  — and probably is being led by Gloria Allred (scum/demon/satan/evil/godless/ grub) has come forward to say that she had  an inappropriate relationship with Herman Cain that lasted “for more than a decade.”

Can you imagine the skankiness – the hideous scum that this woman must be?  She still considers Cain to be her friend but then she whores out her story — which may or may not be true — to the press just to get her ugly face in the press.

Here is what kids learn from a scum like this one — they learn how to trust no one — ever!   It doesn’t even matter if the story is true or not — truth means nothing.  Cain is finished — and sometimes I think that FOX is behind this even though CNN reported it.  I think that FOX realizes that Cain and Gingrich can’t beat Obama and they want Romney to win the nomination.

Personally I think that a Cain presidency would be laughable at best, but this Ginger White — wow — what a piece of garbage – she might be the biggest piece of shit of the year.


One thought on “Ginger White – Herman Cain’s Mistress — Why Did She Come Forward?

  1. Yeah, I don’t buy it either. Who EATS at the Four Seasons and STAYS at the Ritz Carlton in Buckhead? Seriously. She’s got it totally backwards. Having stayed at both, and dined at both, all I can say is either she is lying or Herman Cain is a terrible date. Get me a room at the Four Seasons, for sure, but PLEASE take me out somewhere else for dinner. Feed me at the Ritz in Buckhear, but definitely don’t ask me to stay in one of their run down rooms! Seriously; who would stay at the Ritz Carlton Buckhead when the Intercontinental and the St. Ives are just down Peachtree?

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