Avram Freedberg — Fake 9-11 coins.

According to Fox News and several other investigative industries, this dude Avram Freedberg, founder of The National Collectors Mint,  is a lying rat who rips off people in the name of 9-11 coins cast from metals found at ground zero  — too bad there is no real mint, and according reliable sources, there is no 9-11 silver and the alleged 911 silver bars do not come from ground zero.

Another Bernie Madoff — only this guy has a mountain of quarters instead of a mountain of dollars.

He blogs about his racehorses on this blog http://www.avramcfreedberg.com/horsebiz.html and it can be assumed that he buys the nags with money he gets from stupid  but well-meaning people who buy his fake 911 charity stuff. 

Several 9-11 charities have refused gratuitous donations from this charlatan because he has a shady past — like as a porn dealer or something — or so it’s claimed by a piece in the New York Times.

The US mint will release REAL stuff soon — DO NOT BUY THESES THINGS YOU SEE ON TV ABOUT 9-!! COINS — the ones where the buildings flip up from the surface.  This guy is a real lowlife pawnbroker — so disgusting and sickening.

When you go to his blog site, click on the “horse biz” section and see how he brags that some poor dopey jokey is getting a tattoo of Avram’s wife on his back — why doesn’t he just brand the people he uses.  SCUM!  Remember, his name is Avram Freedberg and not Adam Freedberg.

I invite Freedberg — even though right now he is making me sick to my stomach — to prove to TheDamienZone.com that the silver is really from Ground Zero and to explain how he markets this crap under the guise of being a charitable patriot — bet he won’t.

One thought on “Avram Freedberg — Fake 9-11 coins.

  1. I was scammed by Freedberg twice in business. He owes me over $100K from the late 80’s, early 90’s. If anyone wants the real lowdown on this person, contact me. DO NOT BUY HIS MERCHANDISE, if he is involved, it is a definite scam.

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