Peter Fonda Finds a Dead Body.

“I go out looking for dead bodies about three times a week,” said actor Peter Fonda as he pulled a stiff and moldy corpse out from behind the wheel of a 1976 Chrysler Cordoba. 

“Usually I go to West Los Angeles and Compton and drive around until I see a dead body behind the wheel of a parked car, but this time there was a stiff right on Sunset and that’s only a half mile from my home.”

Peter Fonda is part of a growing trend among healthy senior citizens who get up every morning and instead of jogging or playing tennis, they look for dead bodies.  It’s great exercise and they are also doing a a community service.

“It’s a good feeling to get those dead people out from behind the wheels of their cars and into caskets where they belong,” said Fonda.  “I like doing what I do and I hope to keep finding bodies until the day I die

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