Loughner, a conspiracy theory nut.

Uncle Fester divides a nation

Americans are deeply divided because of this Uncle Fester look-alike numb-skull — imagine the stupidity and rush to judgement.  This guy is insane, but others will have you think that his mind was twisted by political rhetoric.

When Muslim terrorists shot and killed American soldiers at Fort Hood, we were told by the media not to rush to judgement and assume that the shooters were either Muslim or terrorists, but when a democratic representative got shot by this loon, the rush to judgement made the annual lemming death march look like a bunch of elderly snails on their way to a 4 o’clock special at Denny’s.

So  now this Loughner dude has a “best  friend” and this best friend said that Loughner was always miserable and that he loved to sit around all day and watch TV shows and movies about conspiracy theories — gee — wonder if he was insane — OH — and by the way — TheDamienZone.com put out this story a few weeks ago — read it and weep.https://thedamienzone.com/2010/12/17/canadian-psychiatrist-insists-conspiracy-theorists-may-have-underlying-mental-illness/

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