Ashley Turton found dead in burning car.

Ashley Turton, husband of Obama congressional liaison Daniel Turton, found dead in burning car –

[Jan. 10]

Fire officials in Washington, D.C. are still trying to determine how former congressional lobbyist Ashley Turton, wife of Obama congressional liaison Daniel Turton, died this morning after her body was found in her burning car inside the garage of her family home.

Ashley Turton, former congressional lobbyist for Process Energy, was found after neighbors called into police and reported a fire at the 800 block of A Street SE in Washington. When firefighters responded and extinguished the car fire, they found the body of Ashley Turton inside the car.

The exact cause of death has yet to be determined, however fire officials were speculating whether or not Ashley Turton died as the result of the fire, or some unknown medical condition that may have incapacitated Ashley Turton and caused her 2008 BMW X-5 to crash into the garage, causing the fire.

Ashley Turton, who was also the chief of staff for US Rep. Rosa DeLauro of Connecticut, was the wife of Dan Turton, who is the Deputy Director of Legislative Affairs under President Obama. Dan Turton is largely responsible for advising President Obama on legislation being considered by the US House of Representatives. Dan Turton and the couple’s three children were in the home at the time of the car fire.

Bill Johnson, chief executive of Process Energy, said that Ashley was a well-liked and well-respected employee.

“Ashley was a valued employee whose insight and hard work had been critical on so many of our legislative and regulatory issues,” Johnson said. “She was also a dear friend to many of us and this news is very hard to take.”

D.C. Fire Department spokesperson Pete Piringer said that the car Ashley Turton was driving was found completely engulfed in flames when the fire department responded within two minutes of the 911 call, and that Dan Turton and the children of Ashley Turton were sleeping at the time of the accident and subsequent fire.

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