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Ellen Weiss FIRED from NPR!

Ellen Weiss, the left wing dingbat who booted Juan Williams from NPR, was herself booted today from NPR under the guise of a resignation.

Let’s make no bones about it — Ellen Weiss is a piece of shit.   She totally ruined National Public Radio with her insane political agenda.  NPR has no audience because of this asshole.    She’s an air-headed coward who was too frightened to fire Juan Williams in person; preferring instead to fire him over the phone just because he made a remark about Muslims on a plane — a perfectly reasonable remark with which  90% of Americans are in agreement.  But Ellen, a total lunatic leftist,  had to pander — YUK!  BLECH!!!

Screw you, Ellen Weiss — don’t let the door hit you in the ass on your way out.    I hope you have to take a plane back to wherever it is you came from, and I hope every aisle is full of Muslims in burkhas and they are all staring you down.   Maybe then you will think about how you corn-holed Juan Williams, you stupid ass.  Go ruin somebody’s else’s gig — hag face!

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