Your New Jersey Weekly Horoscope. Dec 19-25, 2010

 Aries  The Ram    Mar. 21–Apr. 19 –  One of your in-laws or cousins said something behind your back and your suspicions about them are true.  The letter A or M is very powerful so look for somebody with that initial.
Taurus The Bull   Apr. 20–May 20 – Be careful with your car at the supermarket.  Do not park it near a black Cadillac.  Also, one of your kids is up to no good — nothing serious but worth looking into.   19 is a powerful number for you today.
Gemini The Twins   May 21–June 21 – Your spouse will lie about something on Tuesday.  Do not feel betrayed because it was done to spare your feelings.  You might want to see a dentist after the Christmas rush.
Cancer The Crab   June 22–July 22 – The new car you were thinking about is not a good deal.  As much as you like it, it will not be admired by your neighbors and you will eventually have an argument with somebody about it.  Think before you buy.
Leo The Lion   July 23–Aug. 22 – The puppy or kitten you have been thinking about getting is a great idea.  Right now your stress levels are very high and a small friend will work wonders.
Virgo The Virgin Aug. 23–Sept. 22 – Problems with your blood pressure ease towards Christmas Day but make sure you do not forget to take your medication on the 24th.  Also, somebody from your childhood will pay you a visit.
Libra The Balance Sept. 23–Oct. 23 – You will get a New Year’s Eve invitation from somebody that you and your spouse disagree about.  Hold out for one more day before accepting.  You might get a better invite — maybe someone with a T or an R initial.
Scorpio The Scorpion Oct. 24–Nov. 21 – Be careful of buffet style food offered to you in a restaurant or at a party.  Be wary of things made with mayonnaise or cream.  If you have doubts, stay away from food that has been left out on party trays especially at office parties.
Sagittarius The Archer Nov. 22–Dec. 21 – Make a special effort to call that somebody you have not spoken to in over a year.  A petty dispute is not worth the aggravation and it is not good for your gall bladder problems either.
Capricorn The Goat Dec. 22–Jan. 19 – Take an extra minute to invite a person who is alone in life over to your house for the holidays.  You know someone in this situation and you keep debating about asking.  Don’t be afraid to ask that old woman over — make her day and buy her a few kitchen hand towels or something.  Little favors will help you all along throughout the year.
Aquarius The Water Bearer Jan. 20–Feb. 18 – Do not invest in any large household gadgets or appliances until after January 10th.  If you buy an appliance it will be lemon so wait a week and then go to a large reputable dealer and not a fly by night Route 22 dump.
Pisces The Fishes Feb. 19–Mar. 20 – Get your check engine light checked and also watch out for deer on the road — especially on Friday night.  Drive carefully especially anywhere near the PA border.

YOUR NEW JERSEY HOROSCOPE is brought to you by Countess DeRenzatto.   Countess DeRenzatto has been an astrologer to the rich and famous of Italy, France and Greece for nearly 50 years.   She is an authentic Countess in Italy being the widow of the Count DeRenzatto.  Her column will appear weekly in   Countess DeRenzatto believes that each area of the map has a special star power and she concentrates all of her readings on the state of New Jersey. 

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