Experts claim: “Jet’s coach Rex Ryan has a foot fetish.”

Rex Ryan flips TheDamienZone the bird.

“The urge to see and play with feet is so intense that eventually the person can no longer achieve orgasm unless foot-play or pictures of foot-play are handy.” said  Dr. Archie Felt of the New York Special Hospital for Behavioral Health and Medicine.”

” Foot-play is anything that involves sensual touching of another person’s foot.  Some patients lead their entire lives entrenched in a world of feet.  Some become shoe salesman and like to be around lady’s shoes — perhaps the most common — and some become foot doctors.  Others are content to do pedicures and on the further end of the spectrum there are men who need to wear women’s shoes to achieve sexual gratification.  Of course we have all seen the pictures of the sexy hooker wearing spiked heels to please their man.”

Okay so now we understand the foot fetish thing, but Rex Ryan doesn’t have any of those jobs.  He does need feet for sex as was evidenced recently by the disclosure that Rex and his wife Michelle have allegedly made a top grade foot fetish video called “I Like Pretty Feet.”

Obviously Rex Ryan does not have a job where he has access to women’s feet but he has found what we call a parallel sexual conduit  where he works in FOOT-ball.  He is surrounded in the locker room by the smell of sweaty feet and it matters not that the feet belong to men.  There is not much wiggle room where the foot fetish is concerned.  A heterosexual foot fetishist will get turned on by the smell of a man’s foot and then have to venture out to seek pleasures from a woman’s foot.  If he is homosexual and has a foot fetish, and he also happens to work in an NFL locker room, well then he is in hog heaven.” interviewed Dr. Felt extensively and we came away with the consensus that a true foot fetishist will indeed make videos, and that Rex Ryan’s fetish, while healthy and harmless, eventually will lead to more complicated sexual realizations of the foot.  Eventually he might go so far that he will collect shoes from strangers or perhaps even steal them.   Men with a foot fetish eventual loser their minds.

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