How endowed and tall are, Michael Phelps, Lebron James and Alex Rodriquez?

Lebron James, Michael Phelps, Peyton Manning and Alex Rodriguez, they are giants of their games. Lebron James towers on the basketball court, Michael Phelps is a tall drink of water in the pool, Peyton Manning reigns tall on the football field and Alex Rodriguez is at the height of his game on the baseball diamond.  So how tall are these sports super stars is not really as important as is their penis size when it comes to how the penis interferes with the playing of their particular sport.  More bulge pics here and on the link below.  Der Photo Bulgen,

Dr. Lance Johnson, author of the bestselling book, “Jocks and Their Penises” offered his own opinions on this subject.

Alex Rodriguez is 6-feet 3-inches — Penis estimated to be very large, bulky and rub’ry.
Peyton Manning is 6-feet 5-inches. — Disproportionately small but still big but thin — also crooked.
Michael Phelps is 6-feet 4-inches —  Tiny from years of chlorine, cold water and genetics.
LeBron James is 6-feet 7-inches — Mule sized penis soft but not much growth in the erect state.  More Phelps bulge pics here too —-> Dicka p

The height of these athletes is not directly proportional, however, to their penis sizes as you can see in the chart above.

“Michael Phelps, while he appears to have a large penis, is actually not very well endowed at all,”  said Dr. Johnson who along with being a best selling author, is also the head of hands-on penis examinations at The University of Maine’s School For Athletic Male Sexual Studies.

“Your average swimmer can’t afford a nice, large bulge, or “basket” or “package” because that would slow down the forward motion.  What would normally be an asset in life turns out to be a real drag — so to speak — in a pool.

“Historically, however, there have been cases where the champion swimmer was what some people call  “a grower” and the non-erect penis can often be as small as an inch or two, but still can swell to ten times that size when erect.   I have examined many athletes who seemed small but after I examined the penis manually I took them out for cocktails.  As far a sex is concerned, a lot of swimmers are small in the water but huge on dry land.  It’s an amazing anthropological anomaly, but I think it’s a very exciting and stimulating line of work.

“Sometimes my jaw drops when I see the statistics.”

Basketball players have been included in Dr. Johnson’s study as well, and since most of them are African Americans, the size of the average basket ball playing penis is quite large, but according to Dr. Johnson,  that is about to change.  THis is average here —->

“Your average basketball player has a massive penis and anyone with Jimmy The Greek’s knowledge of anatomy could tell you that is because they are descended from African people who had large penises.    The stronghold that basketball players now have on size- per-player averages is about to change drastically as more and more Chinese players venture out onto the court.

“The Chinese have, as a rule, a very small phallus and all you will need is one Chinese player to offset the hung attributes of ten African American players.  I am very discouraged by this and I think that if the trend towards Chinese players continues,  I won’t want to do my examinations — I might even quit my job.   That would really suck because I am currently working on a romantic comedy that takes place in the locker room of a big city basketball team.   It’s called,  “Slam It Until I am Dribbling.'”

Lebron James agress with Dr. Johnson on this point.

“I think that Chinese players penises should not be measured or counted in basketball stats,”  said Lebron James as he changed his clothes in the locker room while Dr. Johnson hovered about with tape measures and other plastic gadgets.

“The Chinese bring down the average so that instead of having an average penis size of nine or ten inches, us basketball players get knocked down to three or four inches and that’s disrespectful to the black man.”

The NBA refuses to comment but Michale Phelps, the Olympic swimmer, is getting a penis enlargement after his career as a swimmer ends completely.

“For years I suffered with a small basket,” said the lanky swimmer.  “I mean, I am long and tall and people assume that they will see a huge bulge, but they don’t and a lot of times I don’t get laid as often as I should.

“I know that Dr, Johnson was very interested in studying me when I first got famous but then he kind of backed off.  Maybe I am a little beat in the face but I’m still Michael Phelps so I should be getting laid more often and I should be getting more manual exams from Dr. Johnson — but I did get mentioned in his book.  I hope the penis enlargement makes me more attractive to the general public and even though I won’t be swimming, I will always wear tiny speedos wherever I go — even to church.”

Alex Rodriguez — or A-Rod as he is appropriately known)  is a big guy  in the pants and that helps him to swing the bat.

“When his body swings into a pitch, the weight of his penis gives his body more torque,” said Dr. Johnson as he nervously wiped the sweat off his brow.

“If Alex Rodriguez were to have a full erection at the same time he connects with a fast ball, he might hit the ball at least 500 feet or more.  The team has been experimenting with using electric stimulators to keep Alex erect when he gets up to bat but then he keeps remembering Madonna and he goes limp.”

Dr. Johnson loves his work and he looks forward to working at the next Olympic Games with the equestrian team — not the riders, the horses.

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  1. I’ve seen Michael Phelps in the shower twice. I checked him out ( looked)and he was not shy. It was a very nice, long penis. 2009 and 2010.

  2. Your body size has nothing to do with penis size, I met my husband at the grocery store and he asked me out and i thought well he is good looking and tall enough at 5’10 because i like tall guys, Im 5’2 but I would never have though he would be packing what he was packing, just over 10 inches and fat not skinny, I took muscle relaxers to help get used to him and sometimes pain medication at first, but now it’s all good.

  3. Samantha might not be referring to a specific sports player, but her comment is certainly on topic. And how does one earn the title of “slut” for having sex with her own HUSBAND? Jealous much?

  4. Wow, this here is becoming steamy and conflictive for just a size matter. Come on people live your lives to the fullest and stop fighting over such trivial matters. I am not that well endowed myself and that has not stopped me from being happy and I am sure a well endowed person can be happy too. All one needs is those details in life that can make it enjoyable.

  5. This is the dumbest shit I’ve ever heard in my life. I think my IQ dropped 40 points
    There is no data to prove anything

  6. This is the dumbest shite I ever heard. My IQ just dropped 40 points. There is no data to prove anything

  7. David — Your IQ didn’t drop — this is information you sought out. You wanted to know about these men and their sizes and you did a Google search that led you here. Admit it. Kindly do not shoot the messenger.

  8. Shyguy, you’re a titty baby. No one really wants to hear from a 2inch Bruce Jenner. Get lost. Samantha you sounds hot.
    If you are ever in Oregon and want a good time look me up.

  9. Why is no one talking about AROD and that picture? His genetelia looks so humungus that he could choke me around the neck with it. I’m gay and think he is gorgeous. I want to swallow his swimmers. Love the baby face

  10. Listen we can argue about this all night, but it’s not how big or how small it might be…. It’s what you do with it that matters.

  11. Who cares about Lebron James and he penis size? Get real folks. I’m sure he’s tiny compared to me. Send all of the blackies and dirty Mexicans Back to Mexico and Africa. #whitepower #makeAmericaGreatAgain #Confederatesflag

  12. As a minority I’ve noticed while guys especially Nordic men are the biggest hard and duck the best.
    I would love to worship phelp he definitely one of the biters guys out there especially big gigantic feet lol

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