Movie execs fear: “Angelina Jolie is box office poison.” “The Tourist” is a bomb!

Angelina Jolie is box office poison.

Opening week film- goers love Johnny Depp but nobody seems to like Angelina Jolie.  If all of her children had gone to see her latest movie, the ticket sales would have been boosted considerably. 

But seriously,  movie-goers do not want to see Johnny Depp with women.  They prefer to see him sashay across the screen as a demi-drag queen with pretty eyeliner.  Sadly, NOBODY wants to see Angelina Jolie do anything no matter how much makeup she wears.

“The Tourist,” starring Jolie and Depp as a mismatched pair cavorting around Venice, came in at No. 2 with $17 million — short of dampened forecasts in the $20 million range.  In Hollywood terms, somebody is going to take a bath on this mess.  Good — they deserve it.

The  films was lambasted by critics, and  carried hefty price tags — $150 million — requiring strong overseas sales to make it profitable.

The latest film was distributed by News Corp-owned Fox, which took over the franchise after Walt DisneyCo dropped it in the wake of the “Caspian” flop. The series is produced by family-friendly film company Walden Media, which is owned by billionaire Philip Anschutz.

“The Tourist” marks the worst start in years for its high-profile stars. Jolie’s last big flop was “A Mighty Heart,” which opened to $3.9 million in 2007. Depp has to go back to 2001 for a worse performance: “From Hell,” with $11 million.

“It’s all Angelina’s Fault,” said a source close to Johnny Depp.  “She ruins everything.  She is ugly.  She stole Brad Pitt from Jennifer and now she is trying to steal the spotlight from Johnny Depp.   She ruins everything for everybody and nobody likes her — even her fake kids.”

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