What’s Wrong With Lady Gaga? Why are her legs are crooked.

Lady Gaga will say anything to get attention.  She’s now worried that the media forgot that she flew under the bisexual flag when she was trying to get a leg up in the industry — before she stole that other dead girl’s act.

The Gaga is busy crying in Poland and pretending that she is upset about US military policy of  “Don’t axe Don’t Tell” — but in reality she has no clue about the subject and the Polish people don’t give a shit.  Since the Pope died, there is really nothing going on in Poland.  What little there is going on in Poland revolves around a photo that has surfaced that shows Gaga to be a knock-kneed Carol Burnett look-alike. 

“We do not tolerate knock-kneed bisexuals in our country, ” said Polish gay man Teho Redwestowihowiz.  “She is making us hate Americans and last night myhusband threw up a week’s worth of kielbasa and cabbage.  We are a simple people but we are not immune to all airbourne pathogens. ”

Please Gaga — SHUT UP!  You stole that poor girl’s soul and now you are cursed with knock-knees and a horse face.  The soul-stealing thing was written about here on TheDamienZone.  (Use our search thing to find it) .  Gaga makes us sick and soon Sarah Palin will soon go on Larry King’s show to talk about how annoying and untalented and knock-kneed you are.

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