Kate Middleton and Prince William — Getting married and getting hair transplants.

After years of speculation of would they or wouldn’t they, Prince William, second in line to the throne of England which makes him second in line to nothing except a lot of money that could be better used to help poor people in the UK, is getting married to long time companion and rumoured tranny, Kate Middleton.  One of the pre-nup agreements Kate has to sign is that she will not ask for William’s money and she will not go through revolving doors and then drive drunk in Paris.

His pre-nup agreement with her is that he will get a lot of hair transplants and have surgery to make his face less long.

“Kate is not intimidated by the royals,” said a source close to Prince.  “She knows the queen is living on borrowed time and that she will be the queen of England soon, but she doesn’t want to sit aside a bald, horse-faced king.

“Harry will not be quick to marry since he is scheduled to be on LOGO’s “The A List-New York” next season.  He will be moving to New York and is taking a room above the gay bar SPLASH because he is still in that “circle jerk” stage and he likes to get off with his chums.  So far Harry has won all the circle jerk contests because it is a medical fact that redheads are quick on the trigger.”


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