Rare seabird, Barry Manilow, snares Steven Slater.

I was so proud of my first wild catch, but I just couldn’t eat him,” said singer turned seabird, Barry Manilow. 

 “I was flying over John F. Kennedy International airport because I was visiting my mother on Long Island.  I looked down and I saw this fish jump out of an airplane and I caught it with my shiny new talons right in midair.  It is so cool to be a seabird.  You have no idea.”

While Barry the Bird may have snagged himself a fish, the fish thinks that he may have snagged himself a man.  They say that nature provides and could you think of a better example than this?  The trouble is that Barry thinks one thing and his prey thinks another.

“I was sliding my way into fame when all of a sudden I was pulled into the air by razor-sharp talons,” said two weeks ago’s news, airline stewardess, Steven Slater.  “I thought an eagle or a big old hawk had got me, but when I looked up I saw that it was Barry Manilow. 

“I had been reading TheDamienZone.com so I knew that he had recently transformed himself into a bird and I recognized him from the pictures.  He held me so tight and we flew over the Statue of Liberty — it was so romantic.”

“At First I thought he was trying to swallow me, but then I realized that he was just showing affection for me.  Isn’t he dreamy? “

While Slater may be smitten with his new bird boy, Manilow has a different take on this.

“I was indeed trying to swallow him,” squawked Manilow.  “He was just too fat to get down my throat.” 

Oddly this is something Manilow has said quite a few times — even before he became a bird.

“I plan to keep him at my mother’s until I can eat him,” continued Manilow.  “My mother always wants what’s best for me and she knows that I could choke.  So she is going to slim him down, and when he is thin enough she’ll call me.  We will have some guys throw him out of the senior citizens high rise window and I will swoop down and gulp him up.”

Steven Slater thinks he is staying with his new mother-in-law while Barry is busy touring in the Galapagos Islands.

“He even put me up with his mother at her beautiful penthouse,” said Slater.  “This place is fab and as soon as he gets back from the tour we are going to have a romantic wedding on the beach in Fire Island. “

Dr. Sigmund Bern, of the Human and Bird Interaction Society has looked into this case and offered TheDamienZone.com his opinion.

“Of course Mr. Slater has concocted this romance in his head,” said Dr. Bern.  “His petrified mind simply will not accept the fact that Barry the Bird merely wants to eat him.  It is a defense mechanism his brain has created to keep him from realizing that he is not only a hunted animal, he is being held captive by his hunter’s mother.   This is a very common phenomenon in nature and we saw it with Sigourney Weaver in the Alien movie trilogy.  “Eventually Steven Slater will accept his fate.”

So, while he may have been the Stewardess Who Got Away, he might not be so free after all.  He’s holed up in some old lady’s high-rise and kept on a strict diet.

Environmentalist are warning that they will take swift legal action against anyone who tries to sneak food to Slater so that he will stay chunky and render him impossible for Barry the Bird to swallow. 

“Nobody better come near my house,” yelled Mrs. Manilow, 101, of Center Moriches.  “It’s bad enough that my son has turned himself into a fakakta bird or something and now I have to keep bait in my house.  Where did I go wrong?  Can you tell me?  Where did I go wrong?”

Barry the Bird will return from his tour of the Galapagos on September 20th.   We will keep you informed.

11 thoughts on “Rare seabird, Barry Manilow, snares Steven Slater.

  1. This post is`nt remotely funny. Before you poke fun; maybe you should get some facts right.
    Barry Manilows mother passed away years ago.
    There are jokes and then there are jokes.
    This one is in very bad taste.

  2. We are pleased to anoounce that Angel is our new policewoman. She will patrol the internet in defense of the dead who get mentioned as though they were living. Angel, go to a bake sale or something, okay? That’s just about your speed. If you happen to be a man, my deepest condolences to your parents be they living or dead.

  3. Sam, maybe you oughta go out and play golf or something. Better yet, you should go back and read earlier parts of the Barry The Bird story. It is not Barry Manilow, it is Barry The Bird.

  4. I left out the horrible details about the teeny peeny. You know what they say about birds with big feet, right? We are talking about a fictional character you stupid asses! Thank you Pierre for understanding my plight and the plight of all people who have to write about singers who become birds.

  5. Maybe musicians can band together – sorta like birds of a feather, if you will – and have a telethon to address this tragic disease. Can you imagine what Mick Jagger would look like if he were attacked by this plight? He’s rough enough looking already.

  6. Mick Jagger is going to convert to an Angler Fish — he is waiting for his head lure on a stalk to come in from the factory.

  7. Angel is right.Barry Manilow’s mother died back in 1994 of lung cancer.She battled lung cancer between 1987 and 1994.The last time Barry Manilow talked to his mother it was on the telephone between N.Y.C. and Los Angeles.(Barry Manilow lived at 800 Tortuoso Way in Los Angeles back then).He used to fly back and forth between Los Angeles and N.Y.C. when she was sick to see her in the hospital back then.She died when he was back in Los Angeles and he couldn’t get back to N.Y.C. in time before she died.So Barry Manilow last spoke to his mother over the telephone. 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Answer.: MAKE SOMETHING UP.And that’s just what Jeanie Lucas Honig did.But when I called her last summer she DID come clean about the whole situation.I have caught SEVERAL people making up lies about very famous people just to get their name in the press.(Witness that girl who lied and said she had Justin Bieber’s baby just to get on the cover of Star Magazine.Justin Bieber gave a DNA test and PROVED she was lying.I have found SEVERAL cases of people who’ve made up lies about very famous people just to get their names in the press.I can give you all the proof you want about that.If you want to see that proof just email.:StrengthJustice9@Yahoo.com and I’ll give you all the proof you want about that.Also you should know that people who know about that type of thing have been doing that type of thing for many,many years. 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