No, Joy is not Jewish, She is a self-loathing Catholic. It would be impossible for any Jew to be this dumb.


“Saints were psychotic and advances in modern medicine have essentially wiped them off the planet.”

This is a quote from that old, sagging  sack of shit Joy Behar.  It was made on a show that is still watched by a lot of housewives and forty-five year old plus  guys who still like to go shopping with their mothers.

Normally I don’t care about religious stuff because people either believe or they do not, but if you do not believe there is no reason to show disrespect towards those who do.    What’s worse is that Behar herself was raised in a Roman Catholic household where some of the people probably believed in saints , so at the tender age of about SEVENTY-FIVE  — this walking dropped uterus has decided to become a rebellious teenager

Behar has said things far dumber than the aforementioned saint silliness, but I think that this remark alone, and the inherent disrespect and childishness it emits — the lack of character and dignity — hoists her to the throne of THE DUMBEST WOMAN IN AMERICA.



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