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Sarah Palin explains why people hate her — it is a new disease.

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Doctors Fear: “Brett Favre needs stem cells to stop accelerated old-aging process.” Arsenio Hall offers hope.

“At his current rate of aging, we feel that Mr. Favre will be at least 90 years old by this time next year.”  said Dr. Hermet LaJeunesse of the American College of Aging and Maturation in Newark, New Jersey USA.  “We might have to use the entire $100 million dollar grant that was given to the city of Newark by the guy who invented that social networking site that is really a scam for identity theft and is rumored to

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Sarah Palin mouths off about Chileans, Nancy Reagan, Snooki and Zsa Zsa Gabor.

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Sarah Palin reacts to “Don’t ask, don’t tell” decision.

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Sarah Palin rips Gloria Allred and does Johnny Carson immitation.

This video cartoon was written, directed and produced by TheDamienZone.com.  All rights reserved.  Copyright 2010.

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Sarah Palin says: “Jersey Shore Guidos become gay after Labor Day.”

This video cartoon has been writtten, directed and produced by TheDamienZone.com  All rights reserved.  Copyright 2010.

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JOYCE RANDOLPH – Candidate for 2016.

Joyce Randolph, known to TV lovers as Trixie Norton, the always patient wife of Ed Norton ( Art Carney) on the iconic TV show “THE HONEYMOONERS” has announced that she is throwing her hat into the ring for a run at the US Presidency in 2016. Randolph, 89, is not letting her advanced years get in the way. “I have been around and worked my way through a lot of things,”  said the still youthful actress.  “I have suffered through the Great

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Marilyn Monroe regrets that she can’t sing “Happy Birthday” to President Obama today.

The overhyped in death, sorta-slutty drug addicted Marilyn Monroe would have been 84 years old last June had she not had the misfortune of hanging around with the Kennedys and self-proclaimed acting coach guru Lee Strasberg.   Now there is nobody left to sing a breathy Happy Birthday to President Obama today — his 50th birthday.  Some people thought it was undignified of Obama to appear on “The View” but what could have been less dignified than having that train-wreck Marilym Monroe singing

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