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Michael Phelps in Speedos Not Making Waves With Gay Men.

M.A.M.A.B. members have been very unhappy with Michael Phelps’ lack of a bulge in his Speedos  and each time Phelp’s is in a swimming event they get together to watch and hope for signs of a bulge. [Courtesy of M.A.M.A.B. — Middle aged Men Admiring Bulges] A German Magazine provided the Damien Zone with close up pics of Michael Phelp’s bulge.  You be the judge.  Pics are at this link on site – Das Photos auf Bulgen Phelps. . Olympic swimming

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Madonna, the old hag, fake, uneducated, no-talent sack of shit, did a concert in Paris that the badly aging pop star said was intended to celebrate France’s tolerance but in reality she just pissed people off because she is a fucking asshole.  Yes – Madonna is a fucking asshole and a moron. The French got so pissed off when her “concert” — which was all lip-synched anyway — ended after less than 45 minutes —  because she has no fucking talent and

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Kirk Cameron Ocean Grove Mess — Teen “Gay” Corey Bernstein Getting the attention he craves — blech!

So there’s this pushy and unbearably annoying kid in New Jersey named Corey Bernstein and at the advanced age of 17, he is openly and militantly gay — but that’s not enough for the little brat.  He wants to be famous too.  He’s looking for trouble and he’s looking in the right direction because my best guess is that he is being coached by others.  YUK! Where are your parents Corey?  Where were your lazy do-nothing ass-wipe NJ teachers when you

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EMINEM QUOTE IS FAKE: “I don’t care if you’re black, white, straight, bisexual, gay….” FAKE HOAX – He Never Said it!

FAKE QUOTE OF THE WEEK! “I don’t care if you’re black, white, straight, bisexual, gay, lesbian, short, tall, fat, skinny, rich or poor. If you’re nice to me, I’ll be nice to you. Simple as that.” – Eminem. <——FAKE! Here are some of Eminem’s REAL quotes —–>Direct Slim Shady quotes.. Before I get into detail about how annoying this fake Eminem quote actually is, I would like to show my readers what I got from Dr. James Cifell MD, a psychiatrist

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Did The New York Times Intentionally Lie About Derby and Preakness Winner, I’ll Have Another?

TheDamienZone.com stands aside when the issue is horse racing and we defer to out expert racing journalist and harness racehorse trainer, David Mattia.  This time David is mad as hell at The New York Times — and I think they deserve it.  [Damien LeGallienne,  editor 11 July 2012]   EXCLUSIVE FOR TheDamienZone.com by David Mattia This is a real hatchet job by the New York Times — and it’s downright loathsome. Like I said in my piece for Harness Link

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Cruelty To Horses – Killing Newborn Foals In Ontario?

It has been reported in Ontario, Canada that trotting racehorses are being euthanized at birth because recent legislation has virtually wiped out the industry of harness racing in that Province.  Could this be true? The Damien Zone has, in the past, expressed a lot of displeasure with the harness racing industry but this one pretty much puts the nail in the casket.  This business of racing horses is really disgusting.  It ranks right up there with dog fighting and bull fighting. 

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CNN’s Anderson Cooper has come out of the closet — not that he was covered in moths or anything because he’s pretty much been out of the closet since his mother Gloria Vanderbilt was making designer jeans. Anderson loved to help his mother design jeans and on his 18th birthday he got a gift from his mother — he got to have sex with Gloria Vanderbilt’s chief rival in the designer jeans business — Vidal Sassoon.   When the young Anderson hooked up with

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ATTENTION READERS:  Here is one of the rare Facebook “shares” that is NOT FAKE!  This really happened to a kind and caring woman and the dog named Buddy she tried to save him from a lifetime of abuse. I hope my readers take the time to read this so as to keep this from ever happening again and to shake up the cowards who don’t want to get involved. The story comes directly from the pages of a prominent American — a person we all

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