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Willow — Missing Colorado Cat Found 5 Years Later In New York City.

“I am not one to judge an animal, but her time in New york has turned poor Willow into a nasty street-fighting lesbian and a left wing Deomcrat acitivist.  I hope her family wants her back.  Her same sex lover is a dope addict that she met in an alley and the lesbian cat gay couple are expecting kittens any day.  It’s actually a bittersweet kind of serendipity — and a mess.” [Sheldon Hartunis DVM and Cat Finding Expert] A furry

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Lorraine Bracco — Plastic Surgery! She is the wounded warrior!

Lorraine Bracco, bless her heart, is doing her part by hosting fundraiser ads on TV for The Wounded Warrior Project — but she herself looks like a different type of wounded warrior — too much plastic surgery. She does not even look like the actress who treated Tony Soprano for psychiatric illness.  Wow — she looks like Patti Stanger now — wow — didn’t even recognize her.    I thought is was Melanie Griffith or even Kathy Griffin — or Merv

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TCM’s Robert Osborne Issues Public Statement On Facebook.

After months of rumors and conjecture, Turner Classic Movie’s Robert Osborne has issued a personal statement on Facebook.   Sounds like Mr. Osborne is doing just fine.    Below is what Mr. Osborne posted today on Facebook via TCM’s Facebook page. A message from ROBERT OSBORNE to the TCM community: “I want to thank everyone for the great messages you have sent while I’ve been on my summertime break from TCM. I’ve been having a wonderfully restful vacation and I do look

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Chaz Bono Penis Transplant Donor Found!

“John Goodman and Chaz Bono have virtually the same DNA and a penis transplant from John to Chaz will be a sure-fire success.  The danger of Chaz’s body rejecting John’s penis is virtually zero, and that’s kind of ironic because women have been rejecting John Goodman’s penis for most of his life.”  [ Dean Traherne MD, North Dakota University of Medicine Division of Transexual Surgery] Celebrities always say that Hollywood is a small town, and in the case of Mr.

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Yahoo Hacked My Website Because I Criticized Them.

Yahoo hacked my website (http://www.TheDamienZone.com) and made a link to my website a dead link because in an article I say that “Yahoo sucks” because they trick people into reading news items that are actually 30 second video commercials.   Now when you click on the link it takes you to a dead page — Yahoo HACKED MY WEBSITE.    There is no other explanation — nobody would have done that other than Yahoo themselves.  This is why Yahoo is finished and I like to

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Many 9-11 Families Dressed Like Slobs At 10th Anniversary Memorial Today.

“It’s not like they’re all broke.  Some of these people got a lot of money when their loved ones perished on 9-11, but some of these “mourners” showed up dressed like they were going to a three-legged potato sack race.” [ Sheldon Hartunis MD.]  Yes, they were there to pay their respects to their lost loved ones, but what was the excuse for so many people who attended the 9-11 ceremonies at the new Ground Zero Memorial coming dressed like slobs?   Today

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Pledge of Allegiance Under Fire From Brookline, Massachusetts Lawyer Marty Rosenthal.

“The thought of kids in school saying the Pledge Of Allegiance makes my skin crawl.”  [Marty Rosenthal. Brookline, Massachusetts.]  School officials in Brookline, Mass., already allow students to opt-out of a weekly recitation of the pledge, but Brookline Political Action for Peace wants it banned from town schools entirely, according to the Boston Herald. Marty Rosenthal, a miserable, typical lawyer, and the group’s co-chairman, said the pledge didn’t have any education value and was “literally and psychologically a loyalty oath,

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Corny and Corniest Facebook Status Update In History.

People are getting sick of Facebook status updates that are corny or sappy and sentimental — but this one is going around and it is by far the corniest Facebook update in history.    If someone you know has this as a status update — DROP THEM!   They are a moron. Here, for your reading enjoyment, is the corniest facebook status update in history. A college professor stood up on his chair and said “If GOD really exists then knock me

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