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Dalai Lama Quote on Facebook About Man Sacrifice and Health is a HOAX!

Here is the latest Internet hoax and  the photo that comes with it.  Facebook morons are pumping these out faster than the Franklin Mint pushes out worthless 9-11 memorabilia.

The Dalai Lama, when asked what surprised him most about humanity, answered, ‘Man. Because he sacrifices his health in order to make money. Then he sacrifices money to recuperate his health. And then he is so anxious about the future that he does not enjoy the present; the result being that he does not live in the the present or the future; he lives as if he is never going to die, and then dies having never really lived.’ <—– FAKE!

This quote, printed over a photograph of the Dalai Lama, is floating around on Facebook.  It is inspiring millions of simple-minded Facebookers — but there’s a problem.  HE NEVER SAID IT!   There is no record of the Dalai Lama ever saying this and on his website there is no mention of it.  Devout followers of the Dalai Lama say it is not true, but we live in the day where all one needs to do is put something up on Facebook and it becomes the law of the land — at least where idiots are concerned.
Why do people on Facebook fall for this baloney?  Last week it was the fake quote attributed to Betty White about testicles and vaginas and this week it’s about the Dalai Lama and his opinions about mankind and money.  All you need is to be vaguely familiar with the teachings of the Dalai Lama to know that this is not true,  He does not moralize like this.  I hate to tell all you people who have been magically hoisted onto a heavenly plane by this quote that it is 100% not true.  He never said it.
“We were surprised to see this quote in a handout we received as part of our fundraising for our cause,” said Laksmi Shamar, a devout Buddhist and a foot soldier in the battle against the Chinese oppression of Tibet.
When asked about the specific photo and the quote Shamar said that she had never heard of this quote and referred us to this writer who exposes more and more fake Dalai Lama quotes each week.  http://www.imdb.com/name/nm3834680/?ref_=fn_al_nm_1 <—This guy is very knowledgeable.
“Moralizing is not the tone and has never been the intent of the Dalai Lama, but we live in the age of the internet and invention.  In the past I have heard many people evoke the name of the Dalai Lama to bolster their own ideas, so this is not the first and I am sure that it will not be the last.”
Shamar is not a household name, but bigger names have not come forward to authenticate the quote simply because it’s not true and, according to inside sources, for them to mention it would serve only to add more steam to the engine of inauthenticty that drives quotes like this one.
The Tibetan Council of Northern California has not placed any credence on the quote and not a word of it has been leaked by the President of the council, Eva Herzer or chief advisor Phurpa Laden La. 
Also, no authenticty was cited by Julia Shepardson who is on the council and has worked in a Tibetan refugee settlement in Nepal. She was regional Director of the Tibetan US Resettlement Project in the San Francisco Bay Area and a founding board member of the Committee of 100 for Tibet.
Tenzin Tethong, another prominent name — perhaps the most prominent — has not offered any credence to the validity of the quote.   Tenzin Tethong is Chair of the Committee of 100 for Tibet, and President of the Dalai Lama Foundation. He is Distinguished Fellow, Tibetan Studies Initiative, and a member of the Center for Compassion & Altruism Research and Education, Stanford University. He is a former Representative of His Holiness the Dalai Lama in New York and Washington, D.C., and former Chairman of the Kashag, the Cabinet of His Holiness the Dalai Lama.
The list of names goes on and on and on.  Sadly it does not go on as long as the list of millions of mindless Facebookers who pass this stuff along with nary a care.   Last week TheDamienZone.com had to remind millions of Americans that actress Betty White, her baudy sense of humor notwithstanding, never said something that was attributed to her on millions of Facebook accounts.
“Sometimes a person will hear something that sounds in their mind like a certain person should have said it and they get some measure of comfort from believing it to be true. Perhaps they themselves invent a somewhat inspirational quote and know that it will have no legs or longevity unless they attribute that quote to someone more famous than themselves.   Many of the New Testament gospels may have been written this way.”  [Dean Traherne, MD,  UCMC  Behavioral Health LLC.]
There should be a lot of laws implemented regarding  internet hoaxes like this.  Not simply because they are hoaxes, but because when something becomes this popular in the trenches of the day to day life of mouse clickers who don’t know any better, they can become a vehicle by which computer viruses are spread.    The internet generation in the USA has become wise about clicking on links that seem suspicious or phony, but show them an inspirational quote by the Dalai Lama or a dirty joke from Betty White and they click away.
Look here and try to find any reference to the quote:     http://www.dalailama.com/messages#Articles   Then write to any of the people listed here and ask them about what I just told you — get back to me and say you’re sorry for spreading false information and misquoting a man who already has enough aggravation.  http://www.tanc.org/about/advisory-council/
  1. Even although it may be true that he never said this, I am sure His Holiness would wish you to treat your Internet compatriots with greater compassion than to call them “Facebook Morons.” Isn’t it rather lovely, in fact, how quickly this idea circulated, given that the motivation was to help others to have happier, healthier lives? I can’t help but think His Holiness would find it so.

  2. His Holiness? Let me tell you something, Judy. I don’t like your tone. It’s not “although it may not be true: — it’s simply NOT TRUE! Also — it is not “lovely” to motivate others with misquotes — that’s what one calls, manipulation. And let me tell you something about “his holiness” — he’s not some great thinker — he’s a celebrity, and you are just one of his fans.

    Folks. Do you see what I have to put up with?

  3. Hoax? OK, be that as it may. Why would you feel the need to call them names like “Facebook Morons?” Feel better now?

  4. People who mindlessly pass along misinformation on Facebook are indeed MORONS. I need not explain any further.


  5. Yes. Because everyone need to pass the “mindfulness” test and do a rigorous fact-check before they post anything on Facebook. And god forbid, If they fail, they should be prepared to be called a “moron” from some guy running a blog who calls Dalai Lama just a “celebrity” and yet seem to have some weird fascination with Robert Osborne from TCM who is not even a “celebrity” by any shape or form. Interesting indeed.

  6. I get ZERO letters about the Dalai Lama — I get about 100 a day about Robert Osborne. I don’t have a weird fascination — I am earning a living by responding to my fan base and addressing topics about which they express interest. Wait a second — aren’t you people supposed to be all peace and love and kindness or something? If you are a follower of the Dalai Lama, why would you want him to be misquoted by people who do not know him or understand his philosophy?


  7. No. I have absolutely no affiliation with Dalai Lama or his religion or philosophy. So I have no idea if “you people” are supposed to be all peace and love and kindness or something. Nor do I “follow” Dalai Lama but I know enough of him to know that he’s more than just a “celebrity” (as you put it) if not for myself or you but for a lot of other people like the Tibetans who are still fighting for their freedom. My original post was merely a curiosity on my part about your apparent dismissive tone not only towards the “morons” of the FB passing out the misinformation, but also Dalai Lama himself.

  8. If you have no affilliation with the Dalai Lama and you have no idea if “you people are supposed to be all peace and love and kindness,” why the hell are you bothering me? I’m the one who is being supportive of the Dalai Lama by protecting his integrity. You’re just some stupid pain in my butt who likes to cause trouble. Yes — the Dalai Lama IS a celebrity — look up the meaning of the word and then leave me alone. Go bother somebody else with your insane need to be heard. You should be at your desk working and not playing around on the internet. You made the huge mistake of trying to talk down to me — IT IS NOT POSSIBLE TO TALK DOWN TO ME!

    Don’t come back — your comment will NOT be posted.

  9. Wow. With such an aggressive tone of writing, I’m guessing you’re; spotty, lonely, single, broke, depressed, angry?…
    Has the world treated you unfairly?
    Do you still live with your mother?

    And you are suprisingly poor at forming coherant counter-argumunts btw. lol 🙂

  10. Folks, I allow coments like the one above because I want people to see what “open-minded” people are really like — just read the comment(s) above this one — I want you to see the nastiness from the Dalai Lama devotees and poseurs. This is their idea of love and understanding and harmony. It’s a simple case of shooting the messenger.

    Kindly note that the ad hoc character psychological evaluation of me is entirely old and played out. If I had a dollar for every letter I get saying “Are you off your meds” “you are pathetic” “Do you live in your parent’s basement” — blah blah blah — The comment from NADFA (directly above this response) comes all the way from Merry Old England — Loughborough University to be exact. Here is the thing. I make money writing this blog. Commenting on my blog with something like this, however, is just something one does to shake time. So who is the one with an issue?

    So, to stay in character and not let you down, GO FUCK YOURSELF! I would wager that you are not even a genuine Brit. You’re probably some greasy third-world squatter. Also, it’s past midnight where you are — shouldn’t you be studying or sleeping? What a fucking asshole.

  11. Just curious, having stumbled upon this in a Google search (looking, I’ll admit, for the genuine source of the quote, or whether or not the Dalai Lama had said something similar and was misquoted) — why is there hostility on BOTH sides of this argument?

    To be clear: I don’t necessarily support the Dalai Lama, and I most certainly do NOT support misquoting, nor integrity, nor the general, completely viral idiocy that circulates Facebook for various reasons concerning the decline of the world’s mental state. I’m an academic, after all. I do agree, however, in that dishonest quoting must stop. (I lived over half my life thinking that Emerson wrote that fabulous quote on Success. He didn’t. I was really annoyed by this — HOW could my fifth grade teacher lie to me about such beautiful prose??! — but simultaneously relieved that I learned the truth.)

    So here’s what I don’t understand: why not use kinder, less deplorable language? I find it most satisfying to outdo someone in an argument by catching my opponent in a circular argument and using dry wit — ultimately allowing him to embarrass himself. There’s no need to make equally base (cheap, simple, immature, et cetera ad nauseam) shots at them, Damien, when you can watch them slowly dig their own graves and smirk when they try (and fail) to dig themselves out. Remember: ignorance can be fixed; stupidity is forever.

    With regards to your initial response to Judy: I see why she says “lovely” — she is referring to the meaning/concept of the quote, which poignantly draws attention to that which the Dalai Lama avoids in leading by example, because, like Shamar said: moralizing is not his tone. It does, however, give the reader cause to think. It’s a binary system: despite their opposites, the two poles of thinking DO have similarities. Right idea, Judy — needed much better clarification.

    With regards to “His Holiness”: it’s a religious title. We use titles all the time, even if they don’t necessarily apply to us: Benedict is the Pope, Elizabeth is (Her Majesty) the Queen, Obama is the President, and Tenzin Gyatso is His Holiness, the Dalai Lama. The Pope is the best example here, because it’s a religious term and especially in that Benedict was a chosen name. Practically no one remembers Joseph Aloisius Ratzinger (he’s Pope Benedict XVI !) these days, just like practically no one remembers Tenzin Gyatso (he’s His Holiness, the Dalai Lama!). Using that title does not *automatically* mean that one a priori assumes the traditions and beliefs of Tibetan Buddhism — I’m not Catholic, but I will still refer to Ratzinger as Pope Benedict. C’est la vie.

    And, yes, the 14th Dalai Lama is a “celebrity” (literally, “a famous person”), but so is Miley Cyrus. Now, since when has *she* done the world any good? (No snarky quips from you — you know what I mean!) I would hope that one might consider a more distinctive term than MERELY a celebrity, because regardless of whether or not he’s the author of that viral quote (and we know he’s not), his life and work have impacted the world in, for all intents and purposes, a more-or-less positive manner on a relatively large scale.

    Ultimately, I value that you have the right idea, but I’m a little disappointed in your delivery. Not the article itself — which is relatively civil and only minimally bitter and scathing — but in terms of sheer debating, you could have been more prudent (and likely more convincing) in your comments. Again, I’m not endorsing the dissemination of stupidity by any means, but a person of your intelligence and enlightenment ought to be able to use his words to sway *all* of the sheeplike Facebook masses to his opinion without reducing himself to a lower level…especially if he’s going to do the world the (nearly-selfless) service of disillusioning it.

    Otherwise, not bad work — and glad I found the information I was looking for. 🙂


  12. Dear M — WHY WHY WHY don’t I have more readers like you? Is it perhaps because I voraciously stoop to the level of the idiots who malign me? I can’t be sure. I know that I enjoy saying horrible things to horrible people. I wish that I could make this whole thing a video blog — I would be even nastier. I agree with you that I should sit back and watch my taunters slowly dig themselves into a grave, especially because I don’t really put much effort into any of these stories, but something inside of me feels the need to be nasty to stupid people. If you look at some of the other blog entries, and there are over 900 of them, you will see that I can also be very kind and caring. It’s some kind of perceptual gift that I have. Somehow I know when to be really nasty, when to be so-so and when to heap praise on a comment. I am content in the knowlede that the majority of people who bother to comment are people who want to cause a problem of some sort.


  13. When I figure that bit out, I’ll let you know — though, it’s true, the population is overrun by people who are unable to defend, dissect, or even recognize things that demand a critical analysis. It’s ironic that most things people take for granted (viral Facebook posts, anyone? Tabloids? I could go on, obvs) are usually the same things that ought to be scrutinized.

    I haven’t had the pleasure (or displeasure) of reading your other posts, but I suppose there can’t be much hurt in checking out a few more. Not about to add you to my blogroll just yet, but that’s just because as wary as I am of social media, I’m equally as wary of the self-proclaimed confident. It’s so much more appealing when you let the rest of the world acknowledge it. Have a little “perception,” will ya? ;-P


  14. I know that in the giant beauty parlor where you keep your blog roll, I am just the shampoo girl, but someday I think I want to run my own salon.

    Anyway, try watching a few of the Sarah Palin/Larry King action video cartoons I have made — they are at the bottom of the homepage. Actually if you search through the archives there are dozens of them. I think the cartoon where Palin talks about Joey Lawrence is funny — to me anyway. A link to that cartoon can be found on the bottom of the homepage. Kindly note that I do not mock Palin. I simply use her image as a muse through which I express my own opinions. Palin’s words are mine.


  15. Clever. Not the beauty parlor type, though. I prefer debilitating heaps of student loan debt, thank you very much.
    I’ll add it to my to-do list. You keep shampooing.

  16. Yes, I think we all admire your massive googling skills, but maybe you should consider reading some pages of real Dalai Lama quotes yourself, and get rid of your obnoxious attitude, you massive gay shite of a cocksucker.

  17. You’re writing your vile filth from your office in Chicago — now I am going to copy this and mail it to your boss. Maybe you won’t have your job on Monday. I am sending a copy of this to your boss. Your fake email address does not change your very real IP address.

  18. I don’t know if the Dalai Lama quote is genuine and it’s not important for my question. You’re calling some names: Laksmi Shamar, Julia Shepardson, Tenzin Tethong etc.. The quotes you pasted exist only at your page. Is there a way to verify their authenticity?

  19. The authenticity of the quote is indeed pertinent to your question — otherwise you would not be asking it. I’m sure that should be patently obvious — BUT — you’re just looking to make trouble — and you’re looking in the right direction. That aside, I do not quote Julia Shepardson or Tenzin Tethong except to say that both of them have not come forward to talk about the misquotes. I am implying that they might like the publicity and choose to neither confirm nor deny the authenticity of the quote — I am not saying they do — it just seems that way. Laksmi Shamar can be contacted at Laksham1976@yahoo.com — do not be rude to her.

  20. Dude, you rock. And I agree with your assessment. Too little fact checking going on and too much grandstanding.

  21. M and Judy, and others – you may not like Damien’s tone but it’s important to consider this

    True Compassion sometimes might be appearing to be very blunt and even harsh.

    Feeding a diabetic sugar cane may seem compassionate to one who knows nothing about the disease, it is certainly sweet and pleasurable, and also quite deadly.

    Often we all have concerns with being ‘nice’ or ‘compassionate’ and in our culture this is conflated into the idea of not causing emotional discomfort and pain. I’ve also noted this is a greater concern among females than males, but both display it.

    But realize that there may be times in which the most truly compassionate thing is to cause someone real emotional discomfort.

    The human race’s tendency to not analyze, to not fact check, to accept on authority what appears to be pleasant, what feels like a nice sentiment, and to see that as a ‘greater truth’ that’s more important than strict literal facts, these tendencies are quite human, quite nice and naive, and actually are contributing to massive human suffering worldwide, much less than suffering of other species.

    You see, we all demand rigor of things we disagree with, but rarely demand rigor of things we find agreeable, this makes us all absurdly easy to manipulate and control. Damien’s harsh tone might be objectionable to others, but in a real way he’s actually doing all of us a service. Albeit a sometimes thankless service.

    Everyone, consider that.

  22. So, explain to me WHY someone is a “moron” for posting this? Why do you demonize Facebookers as “simple-minded”? Is it because not every OCD-ridden guy with an agenda and attitude researches citations? If you are spending your time citing quotes, then you should work for Bartlett’s. Or, better yet, find a job as a professional insulter. It’s all you’ve got going for you, Damien.

  23. Doug – I think you may have hit upon something. Yes, I should be a professional insulter. You are 100% correct! See how fair-minded I can be. I ignored all of your barbs and found a salient point that made a lot of sense. You prove to me that even a total fuck-face like you can, like the proverbial broken clock, still be right twice a day.


  24. Damien,

    Stick to your guns – the silent internet is laughing their asses off and loving every word!

  25. First of all, thanks for the post. I too suspected that the post was a hoax because I’ve read a few writing of the Dalai Lama and somehow they don’t sound as “interesting” as this one. He is a great man but I think not a good writer, so one has to take time to be able to appreciate his teaching. This quote just somehow sounds too well-written to me. Then I started to search around and stumbled upon this blog post, among other incarnations of the original hoax quotes. I appreciate your spending time to research this.

    Reading through the comments, I ought to say this – and I hope that you don’t treat this as an insult or me causing troubles – because I’m saying this with all honesty: but I think Damien, you are unnecessarily harsh in your responses to other people’s comments. Don’t you see that anger provokes more anger, and in the end I’m not sure if you feel happier writing more of these and receiving all of those responses. Well, you may feel good for a while, but I hope you’ll find that there are other better ways to vent off your negative emotions. With all honesty, hope you don’t treat this as another trouble and give it some thought. Peace.

  26. Ryan, I know that I am nasty to many of the people who comment, but many of them also send me annoying emails and this forum gives me open air to humiliate them. When people tell you, “It doesn’t matter that the Dalai didn’t say it because it’s inspiring,” they need to be told off brutally and without mercy because this will stop them from one day passing along misinformation that could lead to someone’s death or injury. Stupid, unread and ignorant people have to be trained like circus animals — and you have to be cruel to be kind. I think that by hurling horrible insults at these imbeciles, I am doing some kind of social service. I am improving humanity. I look at my role as an angry and insulting blogger, the way one often looks back at the nasty schoomaster he hated as a child –but years later he is remembered fondly as someone who took your mind out of the intellectual sewer.

    Damien LeGallienne

  27. I came across this quotation on reddit and was looking for a source, suspecting that it was fake (which is blatantly obvious to me). Found your blog and was astounded by the kind of comments you got. I usually would just passively browse but felt the need to comment to throw in my support for your efforts here. It’s obvious that the above posters posted this quote mindless to their Facebook and felt stupid, as they should. It’s this kind of obedience and zealous defense of ignorance that I try not to let infuriate me so much.

    Is it a good quotation? Yeah, sure. But take a minute to think about where it comes from and whether it’s been fluffed up by misattributing it to someone. Truth should matter, and while they might not be as powerful as coming from an anonymous source, their worth becomes even more skewered if they’re passed off as someone else’s. Sometimes people need to be called out on their stupid shit and be held accountable for what they voluntary post and propagate thoughtlessly.

  28. Yaaaayyyyy! Somebody who gets it!!! Thank you!

    Damien LeGallienne

  29. are you fucking kidding me author? do you see your own tone before you complain about how horrible the assholes that visit your site are? your first reply to the first comment was filled with rage and contempt… and the second and the third. . in fact the article is full of assholery and contempt as you call people morons. though when a comment has a compliment for you in it you become a nice innocent lil fuck. ALL your comments are full of hypocrisy it’s not even funny…

    “Go bother somebody else with your insane need to be heard.” are you fucking kidding? YOU’RE THE ONE THAT “FILTERS” comments and replies to them on the website openly, because of your insane need to be heard…

    “I allow coments like the one above because I want people to see what “open-minded” people are really like” yea i guess you’re the open minded one that completely turns aggresive at the slightest difference in opinion from someone else… “You’re probably some greasy third-world squatter.” real open minded…

    “I look at my role as an angry and insulting blogger, the way one often looks back at the nasty schoomaster he hated as a child –but years later he is remembered fondly as someone who took your mind out of the intellectual sewer. ” first you DONT shout at others because you want to teach them. you shout at them cause you’re an idiot whose full of contempt for others.. besides do you really think it’s easier to teach someone something by shouting at them… people will always follow the advice of a role model who is kind to them rather than not… NOTE that some people might shout and scream while intending to be kind to others.. like a teacher you mentioned.. but not you… cause again your shouting is caused by your hatred and the way you look down on others…

    ALSO THE BIGGEST JOKE HERE YOU FUCKING MORON IS YOU… ip addreses dont give you the location of the sender… HAHA… YEA YOU’RE MISINFORMED AND RETARDED LIKE THE FACEBOOK MORONS… the ip address will most likely give you the location of the hub where the person is getting his internet from… so, all the people who live in toronto and are subscribed to the same isp ( possible more than one isp could have the same hub) as me will give you the same address… FUCKING MORON… you emailed his boss by getting his ip? HAHAHAHAHAHHAA… (it’s possible you did email his emplyer but not likely….)




  30. At the end of the day – who really cares where the quote originated from? It’s beautiful, honest and reflects our sad and Godless society.

  31. Ruth A — you say ” At the end of the day – who really cares where the quote originated from.” Let me tell you who cares — the person to whom the quote is attributed.

    You can’t attribute quotes to people who didn’t utter the words — it’s grossly irresponsible and historically it’s been the nastiest part of propaganda.

    Let’s say that you are a devout Jew, okay? Your whole family has devoted its time and money to your temple and your Jewish community for decades. I ignore that fact, however, because I think a photo of your mother looks very serene and spiritual. So, I then take that photograph of your mother and on it I put the words, “Throughout my like I have lived as a devoted Jew, but deep down in my heart I find comfort and strength in the image of Christ and his gift of grace during my times of trouble.” [Ruth’s Mom, 1997]

    Not only do I put these words on the picture, I photoshop the whole thing to look heavenly with images of Christ and the cross floating the clouds with her and I put it on Facebook where it is shared by 20 million idiots. Are you getting the picture? Would you still say that it didn’t matter that your mother didn’t say it because it’s inspirational in a godless society?

    Misquoting is essentially illegal and can reach as far into a courtroom as a case of libel or slander — or, like in the example I gave you, be a source of great humiliation for the person being misquoted.

    DON’T BE PROVINCIAL, RUTH. This is why I lash out against Facebookers who say exactly what you just said. I proved my point that there are far too many people like you who just DO NOT GET IT — and the vast majority of people who do this stupid misquote “sharing” do it for the very reason you stated — they think that it’s doing some good in a society overwrought with godlessness and hate. Nothing is more hateful than misinformation.

  32. I, too, was searching for the source of this quote and picture, then found your site. While I agree and support your intentions in this article, I found the comments quite interesting.

    DM, I enjoyed reading your responses. I found the comments amusing. Unfortunately, I think the commenters were serious. Oh well.

    Thank you for clarifying this meme.

  33. Thanks for taking the time to debunk this. Many (most?) people would prefer to believe in woodfairies and nymphs than to know the truth. I almost envy them.

  34. Jaeger — you are very perceptive —

    Damien LeGallienne.

  35. When I read this quote I thought “doesn’t sound like His Holiness” and so I was very glad to find this website so that I had a bit of support in my assumption that I could share with others. We are outnumbered by FB morons and I guess Snopes has given up as they did not have a mention of this one.
    Thank you,
    A member of the Audeince

  36. I liked the post, and am amused by the comments to it. It seems like every site has people waiting to get pissed and blow up into argument on the comments to articles, videos, anything they can really. My only real critique is your spelling of bologna.

  37. When you spell it “balogna” it’s pronounced as such, and in the American vernacular is doesn’t make much sense. Baloney is slang for bullshit — bologna is a processed meat product. Language is a living thing and words like baloney are ample testament to that fact. I have an aunt who still says “catsup” instead of “kethup” and everyone thinks she’s a pretentious asshole, but she’s just an idiot.

  38. DDM, you are the ass. The Dalai Lama moralizes ALL the time! You are simply too simple to recognize his words of wisdom as pertaining to morality. What’s the matter – any attack on making money gets you off your rocker? You have failed to prove your point, AND you get mad about it! I suggest you start paying attention to those of the Dalia’s words you deem “authentic” – it will do wonders for your anxiety.

  39. Okay, the point of article, Steve was to point out that this is a misquote. What does the old Dolly gain by being misquoted? How are any of the DL’s “teachings” pushed along by the false representation? If you admire his words of wisdom, are you then not offended when he he is misrepresented? Anyway — all that aside — would you like to know what works wonders for my anxiety? Well — tellin you to “GO FUCK YOURSELF” seems to do the trick.

    Damien LeGallienne.

  40. I tend to agree with M regarding delivery, not content. Stupidity isn’t necessarily people have the ability to determine for themselves, sometimes it’s a genetic, neurological and cognitive deficit. Often, however, base, reactionary, and emotional arguments are founded on the misconception that criticism is the same as critical thinking.

    I am curious as to the actual origin of the quote and while you definitively addressed the fact that it was not from the Dali Lama (kudos by the way, proving a negative is an assumptive impossibility, but you did just fine), you did not indicate whether you had identified potential sources of the origin.

  41. hmmm, it seems I should have done a better job of proofreading prior to clicking “Post Comment”

    Stupidity isn’t necessarily a condition people have the ability to determine…

  42. I had to leave a comment. Damien, quit wasting your time answering comments. You’re probably the only one that doesnt get that you’re a joke. Loser haha

  43. I might say, I’m a bit entertained and intrigued with this thread. Both sides have their points, period. Misquoting can be a concern sometimes yes, but on rare cases(i guess such as this), such doings may touch peoples lives just by raising their spirits and/or maybe values in life. One possible comparison is a white lie, it is still a lie, but you have good intentions of doing/saying it. One can argue such quotes not being said by a certain person, but to be honest, don’t tell me that deep in your heart you were not somehow awed on how these words were constructed and really made sense? (the meme discussed).

    ALso, if I may suggest for your anger/angry comments to be directed to people who really deserve it (abusive people, criminals, racists, terrorists, and the likes).

    One thing I have learned is that the world itself is unfair. Society is totally screwed. One can be judged just by their skin color, how they dress, talk, etc. (You can get killed in the streets by just wearing a hoodie for pete’s sake) Some people think they are superior than others, while some whine how inferior they are. Overall, whatever race we are in, its pretty much the same for everyone, when we get cut, we bleed, we don’t eat, we get hungry…it all boils down to being human.

    Debates are never ending at times… Would science beat religion and vice versa? Is there a God? Do aliens exist? etc.

    In the end, for me , life is all about legacy, that in your lifetime,you can sometimes ask yourself, what did I contribute to society? how did I make life better for other people? What will I leave behind that will leave a mark in the hearts of others?

    These are my sentiments/views only that I want to share…not to make everyone a believer (peace out!) >.<

  44. Cris — when you said “but to be honest, don’t tell me that deep in your heart you were not somehow awed on how these words were constructed and really made sense?” Does that mean everything else you said was NOT honest?

    Frankly, I was not at all awed by anything in this quote. It was corny and trite and deserving of the mindless and maudlin facebook simpletons who pass this pure shit along.

    Like I tell everyone else — send me a picture of you — a photo of you — and I will invent an inspirational quote and attribute it for 1 million readers to see over the next year. IDIOT!

  45. We’ll, I won’t be annoyed being called an idiot. I prefer not to annoy and bring down people, I tend to lend a helping hand instead. And if what you do is your purpose in life, go with it. I respect that.

    As what my old man reminded me – It’s just heaven or hell for all of us in the end

    Still an awesome thread btw

  46. You know, Cris, it’s like Quentin Crisp said, “Never try to keep up with the Jones’s — drag them down to your level….it’s less expensive.” And guess what — he REALLY said that; although some people change the last word to “cheaper.” Crisp himself had repeated the quote both way in his various lectures.

  47. Damian, your a chooch. lol

  48. Did this arrogant delusional pipsqueak on sugar foods, whose experience of life resembles Hippies who thought they invented sex understand what the point of the quote really is? We’re heading for oblivion, that’s what’s moronic. Listing accurate health stats from the CDC and a few independents does no good, we still are 5% of the world population and use 50% of the drugs; 95% of our food is non-food called food; we drink water that is semi-sanitized water and also water we defecate and urinate in; we work at jobs that drain our energies and then eat sweets and become addicted and wonder why we die without having lived; we value things/junk and miss the purpose of being here for what is no more than a blink; we allow ourselves to be used by politicians whose only interest is personal comfort, power and anyway to get it is their centerfold mindset; we see what doesn’t agree with our wasted lives and try to discredit it with references like moron without analyzing why the words were attributed to the Dalai Lama. Such words which are essentially an attempt to make people think about the devastating footprint they’re causing, and whether the Dalai Lama said it or a person dying in a hospice, it doesn’t matter, the concept is a plea to put the brakes on, to change direction. We have one foot on a slippery slope and the other in space over the abyss. Here are two quotes, one by Jonas Salk the other by Abraham Lincoln, and they were not morons: First, Lincoln: “I see in the near future a crisis approaching that unnerves me and causes me to tremble for the safety of my country. . . . corporations have been enthroned and an era of corruption in high places will follow, and the money power of the country will endeavor to prolong its reign by working upon the prejudices of the people until all wealth is aggregated in a few hands and the Republic is destroyed.” Here is Jonas Salk “if all insects on Earth disappeared, within 50 years all life on Earth would end. If all human beings disappeared from the Earth, within 50 years all forms of life would flourish.” What they were doing was warning us and sure enough, corporations are crowded with psychopaths and it is they who first rob us then rule us.

  49. “Crowded with psycopaths” yes — I agree — and now you’re on the A-list in that category. Wow — imagine the dedication — the intensity of the night nurse (you) who carefully guards his patient and charts out the patient’s body temperature; quietly scratching and inking and dipping his ever so small little numbers in neatly arranged little squares — hour by hour. The heroism is awe inspiring. The problem with vigilant people like you, however, — and I call them “night nurses” — is that they are never there for the moment when the hand of death arrives. They’re always walking the halls or washing the linens. In your case the “hand of death” is that you don’t get the frigging point! You wrote all this meaningless crap because you’re out of your mind and you need to let out some of the gangrenous gases from your skull. The story is about MISQUOTING PEOPLE, dummy! I know you have deep issues, but right now, and for the purposes of this story, your biggest issue is you inabilty to READ and to FOCUS and understand the nature of the article. Once you get a handle on that, you might want to tackle your other problems. Poor you! The Dalai Lama NEVER uttered these words. That’s the goddam point. I don’t give a shit about all your other insanity. Write your own blog and change the world — or at least your underwear.

    Folks – do you see why I have to write this blog? Do you also see why my responses have to be so brutally blunt and nasty. Do you see the sick minds out there?

    Damien LeGallienne
    Brussels, Belgium. Dallas, Texas USA.

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