On June 19, 1999, while driving around, looking for his lost dog, Bryan Smith, a pitiful guy from Maine who had a miserable life, accidentally drifted onto the side of Route 5 in Maine and slammed his van into Maine’s biggest piece of human shit. And, because of an accident, Bryan Smith’s life was ruined — until it ended.

Journalists made much of the clash of celebrity and random misfortune. Headlines announced “Celebrity Provides No Shield From Misery” and “Accidents Happen.”

Bryan Smith, the guy who drove his van into Anvil Face King, a local with many physical and mental disabilities, lost any chance of leading a contented life the moment he struck the hack horror writer because Stephen King went on an endlessly demented mission to destroy the poor guy’s already troubled life.

King, in a bizarre barrage of hatred for Bryan Smith, began his evil crusade by buying the van that hit him from the police impound. Supposedly, according to King’s lawyer, King wanted to be sure that it didn’t get hacked apart and sold in pieces to fans and memorabilia-seekers with macabre interests.

“It’s okay that he has made about a billion dollars selling books to people with macabre interests, but when it got personal and it affected him, Stephen King showed himself to be an evil and vindictive monster – far beyond the horror of any monsters he ever created on the page. Stephen King is more demented than the car Christine.” [Sheldon Hartunis, MD PhD, a Psychiatrist at the Bern Institute in Switzerland.

Because the person Bryan Smith accidentally struck was the vindictive Stephen King, he was indicted on charges of aggravated assault, which could carry a prison term of 10 years.

Smith charged that he was being treated harshly “…just because it’s Stephen King.” At one point, Smith’s lawyer, John Jenness of Paris, Maine, filed a motion requesting a change of venue for the trial, arguing that the aura of fame surrounding King in Oxford County had made it impossible for his client to get a fair trial. Trouble was that Stephen King is famous everywhere, and he has trillions of dollars to spend on lawyers and bullies or anyone who wants King to read their grandson’s novel.

The Oxford County assistant district attorney, Joseph O’Connor, says the charges are harsh because Smith’s driving was irresponsible. Obvioulsy, the judge is a Stephen King fan, as are most folks in Maine, but now, that sentiment is flipping. Mainers are starting to see that Stephen King is an evil and vindictive jerk.

But Bill Wanson, 30, who cooks in a downtown restaurant, said King’s behavior and cruelty to the man who struck him had turned his sympathy into exasperation. He sees Smith, who has a long series of traffic violations, as a “little guy” who has “paid his penance” and should be allowed to put his life back together.

“I think Steve has gone overboard,” Wanson said. “He came up because he wanted to get away from the big city, but what he’s doing is big city.”

Stephen King was so mean to Bryan Smith – who was borderline mentally retarded – that Smith, in the depths of despair died, or perhaps accidentally killed himself with alcohol and pain killers.

Despite the tragic death of Bryan Smith, King was not contrite. He doubled down and metaphorically climbed over the dead man’s corpse to hurt him even more.

KING SAID OF THE BRYAN SMITH: “This is a guy who only has a little bit of brains to begin with. I mean I have fantasies of confronting him,’ King wrote in the extract. ‘But Bryan Smith is like Gertrude Stein said about LA “There’s no there, there”.’

Basically, the “woke” Stephen King was mocking the man’s intellectual disability. He is allowed to get away with that because he is ugly Stephen King. People in Maine know that he is evil, but they also want to be his friend because he is famous.

Stephen King also stated:

‘Call it fate, call it God … But what you’re left with is this guy, who has the IQ of a tomato soup can. An empty tomato soup can. And he hits me at the one blind spot on a long road, no one else to hit for miles, when, say Nasa can’t get a missile to land on Mars with all the brains and technology in the world, then you think there’s something odd going on. Or maybe Nasa should just hire Bryan Smith.’

As Bryan Smith’s remains were carried to his grave, a lot of people were saying that his greatest mistake in life was hitting an evil celebrity with his van.”



  1. I’m just going to say this: Epstein, Weinstein, King, among SO MANY OTHERS who prove, SO MANY peopole are EVIL. And it’s all about material and money. Through MANY personal friends, and direct experiences, I never thought I’d see the light. But, as WE ALL KNOW, Jesus is the way.

  2. If you stand in your bathroom at the stroke of midnight, February 1st with a plunger handle in your bum and recite Stephen King’s collective works from first release to last while turning in circles, Anvil Face himself will replace the plunger and top your nether up to the o ring with hot, thick, man soup.

  3. If you stand in your bathroom at the stroke of midnight, February 1st with a plunger handle in your bum and recite Stephen King’s collective works from first release to last while turning in circles, Anvil Face himself will replace the plunger and top your nether up to the o ring with hot, thick, man soup. I did the research, so ya’ll don’t have to.

  4. Used to be a fan of Stephen King “novels”….then S.King spoke up about his personal politics & the hatred of my U.S.A. Needless to say I burned all the trash written by him.

  5. Stephen King is an intelligence project.
    All you need to know his books were not written by him is to look up how many books he allegedly published….
    mileswmathis article on Stephen King.

  6. I wonder what really happened at the scene… I mean, Kings behavior and hatred is beyond logical explanation. Did this gentleman see someone or something he should not have at the scene? King is leaving me with questions due to his BIZARRO behavior and now I know he hates America, I think this man is a serial killer, when the autos collided a body or few fell out…. call the gentleman a retard so no one believes him and have him OD because it all makes sense. IMO

  7. Reading his Twitter posts I find it hard to believe he is intellectually capable of writing a novel. Writing must be easier than it looks or his Twitter account is not really him. If it is him on Twitter, he has a teenager’s mentality.

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