Leonardo DiCaprio is FAT and UNEDUCATED.

Leonardo DiCaprio is FAT and UNEDUCATED.

His face and body swollen and bloated from the endless amounts of food that he eats on yachts and private jets, and then processes into methane from his ass, Leonardo DiCaprio, whose limited educational acumen renders him unable to understand his own hypocrisy with regards to the Global Climate Change Hoax, takes a sip from a martini brought to him by a muscular young twink.

DiCaprio’s Wikipedia page ( the home of the gimme $3.00 donation grub ) states that he quit school because he wanted to act and bring in money for his mom. The truth, however, is that Leo, who is now starved for prime rib and porterhouse steaks (from methane farting cattle) was actually starved for attention as a child.

So – lets’s see — FAT and UNEDUCATED — yet he tries to dictate World Politics with regards to climate and whatever else into which he can fit his huge and swollen head.

“If Mr. DiCaprio doesn’t trim down, he will die young,” said Dr. Helen LaVista, a Swiss endocrinologist who is alarmed by what she sees in the shape of Leo’s head and face.

“His arteries are probably clogged far more than his 45 years would suggest. Judging by the enlargement of his head and face, My greatest fear is that he is either suffering from Cushing’s Disease or Pseudo-Cushings from alcohol abuse or perhaps he is on some kind of medication for another disease. Some drugs cause Cushing’s symptoms. His head is really expanding. Like, remember when Jerry Lewis was on meds for his lungs and his head and face got huge. That’s where I am going with this. I have heard that he sweatz a lot, so right there you start thinking of heart or circulatory trouble.”

15 thoughts on “Leonardo DiCaprio is FAT and UNEDUCATED.

  1. Seems like you’re just jealous of Leo’s success. How about citing some facts instead of petulant name calling.

  2. hes never really been cute, he was really really young in that major movie and I guess that gave him some pizzaz. I dont get why ppl love his looks. i found this blog after BINGing
    Leonardo DiCaprio overweight?

    He was in headlines this morning .. something about doing a remake for ANOTHER ROUND movie.

    His face looked really big… more than usual. So I wanted to see if he is considered overweight, or if there is an explanation of why he looks chubby.
    I see now that it’s not just me with the opinion he’s got an unusual appearance. I did not know he eats a lot of steaks and martinis. Wow!
    Maybe he takes those steroids that give ppl a moon round face. I think they are called prednisone. I hope you dont mind, I left a link to my youtube. 🙂

  3. Steaks and other fatty meats don’t give you heart disease nor cancer…grains do because they’re extremely inflammatory. Grain raised cattle probably give off less methane than rainforests and swamplands with rotting matter but their meat isn’t a good for you as grass fed. Grazing animals are what created the vast and fecund plains in N. America and Europe/Asia, Africa. A good example would be the Dutch and Masaii. Both incredibly tall and eat meat and dairy. Their teeth and bones are solid. Eskimos too eat fat and don’t have cardiac issues from the times before things like “cereals” were introduced in their diets. No malocclusion and no rickets or beri beri. Agriculture and grain eating is what makes people fat and dumb.

  4. What does any of this have to do with Leonardo DiCaprio’s fat ass?
    Go sell your stupidity elsewhere.

    Damien LeGallienne

  5. The articles on this page are LEGIT

    The title for this article is BRILLIANT

    I like the vibes in the comments section here, kind of feels like the Wild West ???

  6. I recently saw him in “Don’t look up” and was really aghast at how fat he was. He looked obese to me. And his beard made his face look even fatter. Yuk.

  7. Sources say that Leo has an affinity for an Italian pasta called Schcaffatoni with Aleege. When he is away from Italy, he found an 89-year old Italian Ameican woman in Staten Island, Helen LaVista, who makes it fresh and will have it sent piping hot by courier to wherever he is staying. She Mrs. LaVista says that Leo orders it at least 10 times per month. When Leo is in LA, he gets the same dish prepared by an Italian chef named Avoom’a

  8. Most comments are moronic — that is the mission statement of my blog. The stories are weird but the comments is where I prove that the people who comment are the imbeciles.

  9. Too funny, man. I think the best shape Leo DiCaprio has ever been in was the 2006 film The Departed where he had to put on a little bit of muscle to portray a cop going undercover in the Boston mob.

    He has cherubish features for a man who is six feet, in his 40’s, and out shape, and that is probably what endears him to all of the women that he meets. There is a certain boyish charm to him that I am assuming women find attractive. That and being rich and famous.

  10. Leo is gay. He forgets that he used to stand all night, leaning against the old cigarette machine at Mickeys – a gay club on Santa MOnica Blvd in LA — His entire career is fake women, fake relationships etc — LAVENDER city, Rich

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