Is Amanda Knox Guilty? I think So — and here is why.

I think that Amanda Knox got away with murder and my reasoning goes far above the simple fact that an Italian court found her guilty and there was evidence that put her at the scene of the crime.   No — I take it a step further.

Her guilt became apparent to me as soon when she spoke to reporters only moments after arriving back in the USA.  Her very first words gave away the fact that in my opinion she is a lying MURDERESS.

Amanda stepped up to the microphone and before she uttered a word, she said about the people standing behind her, “They’re reminding me to speak in English.”

That pretentious statement — that silly remark — that sickening display of hubris, told me that Amanda Knox is an evil little killer.    Despite all that happened to her, that little monster had the nerve to address the USA by saying that English was a strange language to her.   Instead of being humble and contrite, she opted to  sound like she almost made the mistake of being too cool and Euro for the room.  Only a true sociopath would do something like that.  Call me crazy — but now I know she murdered that girl. 

I am not stupid and I nobody ever fools me.  She did not just step out of an Italian prison and get pushed in front of a microphone.  She had been out of jail for over a day and she had all the time a  flight from Italy to Seattle would allow her to talk to all of her family and friends who flew with her.  Certainly her family didn’t speak to her for 11 hours in Italian, did they? 

No, they did not.  The fact that she said what she said says a lot about her true character.  She doesn’t have her priorities in order. 

Everybody seems to have forgotten what the whole thing was like when it first happened.  I think the Italians are weird.  They just let her off because they got bored with her — she’s a killer.  (in my opinion of course) — well she was convicted — so she really WAS a killer — now they say she is NOT a killer — but remember — whenever you step up to a microphone — remember to not speak Italian.

13 thoughts on “Is Amanda Knox Guilty? I think So — and here is why.

  1. Seriously she’s been speaking Italian to every microphone in her face for four years. Plus the people behind her were JOKING. Haha Amanda, here’s another microphone, remember to speak English for this one!!. One truly dies when one loses their sense of humor.

  2. If there is one thing I hate, DDDD, it’s when stupid people make a comment that they themselves think is sooooooo profound. So…I am truly dead because I have no sense of humor about a convicted killer? Bite me! If you could not see through that subliminal moment — that corny arrogance that was further enabled by her silly family, you should not be reading my blog. As a matter of fact, I am going to ask you to NOT read my page ever again. Stick with Martha Stewart — go bake some pumpkin muffins. That’s just about your speed, you simple-minded creep. Go watch the OWN network — that’s where people like you belong — on a doggie smelling cheap sofa — remote control in one hand and a box of milk duds in the other.

  3. Your entire article is so insane that it boggles the mind, I can barely think of anything to reply. But your later comment is where it really gets interesting. I’m not saying either way whether or not I think she did it, and I’ve been following the trial since it started, thanks in no small part to UW’s school newspaper.
    You know, from that one line, that she’s an “evil little killer?” That one line, which you presumably watched her say from your television set at home? I really don’t see how you can draw any conclusions whatsoever from her statement.
    You sound like a fuckin’ conspiracy theorist. Just because folks think you’re a lunatic doesn’t mean they’re stupid.

  4. Thank you, Winnie — thank you for your lack of insight. You should have stopped when you wrote, “I can barely think of anything to reply.” You’d already made your point. Just for being my millionth reader, you win a night in a hotel room with Amanda Knox.


  5. WIth such skilled use of Microsoft Paint, it’s fortunate for Amanda that she wasn’t convicted. If only the prosecution had such a sharp mind working on their side, they could overcome minor problems like sloppy DNA testing and convict somebody based on the damning evidence of what she said and your brilliant deductions. ‘Pretentious statements” always = GUILTY OF MURDER

  6. Thank you for understanding and grasping the brilliance of my conceptualizations. I don’t know what to say. My heart is too full. I hope I continue to be an inspiration to you and to all of my readers.

  7. As someone who was born and raised in the US and then lived in Jamaica for 3 years as a teenager, I can attest to the difficulty is speaking your original language after so much time speaking the second language. The official language of Jamaica is English, however they speak a dialect called Patois, and it is very, very, very different from American English. I’ve been back from Jamaica for almost 10 years now and I still have to catch myself from time to time when I am speaking and writing. Maybe before you make generalized assumptions you should try speaking another language 24/7 for years and then see how long it takes you to get back into the habit of speaking your original language. I can assure you, it is not an overnight process. Ask any American expatriate and they will tell you the exact same thing.

    Also, have you seem to have completely forgotten that someone else had already been convicted and sentenced for the murder of Meredith Kertcher. The supposed DNA and forensic evidence the prosecution based their claims off of was proven to be inconclusive and erroneous and that was why she was freed. If Amanda Knox is as guilty as murder as you are apparently convinced; then why is there absolutely no credible evidence that shows she committed the crime?

    You should actually look into all the facts of a given case before making such sweeping judgments against people. (And sorry to be the one to break this to you, but watching a 30 second clip and reading the news scroll on CNN does not count as looking into the facts of a case.)

    And as for your statement “I am not stupid”, you might not want to say something like that when creating a post based purely on conjecture relating to subjects that you know absolutely nothing about.

  8. @Someguy — I know all about Jamaica and, despite being a cranky white guy, I have lived a lot of my life on Martinique and in Haiti — I speak French all day long as part of my work. I have lived for as long as 1.5 years straight in France and as soon as I get on the plane and sit next to an English speaking person, it’s like I never left home. You know what it might be? I think that I have a talent of some kind when it comes to languages. As for Amanda Knox — she doesn’t have a talent for anything….except MURDER!!!! Anyway — I love Jamaican people — love love love love them. I think they are the kindest and most humble and coolest people — next to the Italian teenagers who hang out at the Trevi fountain and smoke cigarettes with no filters. Anyway — getting back to Amanda Knox — — It’s all my opinion. I could be wrong, but I hardly ever am. It would be interesting to ask a psychiatrist about my theory — any out there want to chime in?


  9. you say ‘call me crazy”? Ok, that’s an easy fit. You’re crazy.
    As for the rest of this illogical babble? We should all post this blog far and wide, to show the true character of those who continue to believe AK is guilty.

  10. Dig your page. Funny as. I don’t get what the other commenters are blabbing on about – you made an astute point there. I have read pretty much everything I can find on this case plus I like to study micro expressions and body language – there are a few good analysises of Amanda Knox’s body language to be found – obviously all say she is guilty. Anyone who says she is innocent has not done the research and is obviously blind – literally. Her constant smirk in psychology terms is called glibbed delight – when someone has knowingly gotten away with something. She duped all the suckers. We live on a planet full of them. It is refreshing to find those like you who are not one of them. Cheers.

  11. Wow, here I am reading this years later. Weird mindset you have there, guy. Strange how you get a guilty verdict in your head from a few words Amanda spoke. I suppose you are one of those people who discount actual evidence found at a crime scene, evidence that only points to one person,Rudy Guede. He raped and murdered the victim. Not Amanda, not Amanda’s boyfriend at the time. I have seen others who had an obsession with wanting her to be guilty like you do. They don’t believe in evidence, either. Let’s all hope those people never ever get put on a jury. Of course, things would be different if they ever got charged with a crime.

  12. Juanita, you said “Let’s all hope these people never ever get put on a jury.” You mean like the anti-white racists – including the self-hating white s
    themselves on the George Floyd trial?

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