Yahoo Hacked My Website Because I Criticized Them.

Yahoo hacked my website ( and made a link to my website a dead link because in an article I say that “Yahoo sucks” because they trick people into reading news items that are actually 30 second video commercials.   Now when you click on the link it takes you to a dead page — Yahoo HACKED MY WEBSITE.    There is no other explanation — nobody would have done that other than Yahoo themselves. 

This is why Yahoo is finished and I like to think that my website story on why they suck was part of the reason their CEO got fired.  I am turning this over to the FEDS —

I KNOW THAT YAHOO HACKED MY LINK.  If you go to that link via GOGGLE CHROME you get the story, but if you go through Internet Explorer, you get a dead link.   YAHOO SUCKS!  THEY WILL HACK YOUR WEBSITE OR BLOG IF YOU CRITICIZE THEM.



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